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plasma surface treatment machine


● Large processing space, increase processing capacity, adopt PLC + touch screen control system, accurately control the operation of equipment;
● The capacity and number of layers of the equipment cavity can be customized according to customer requirements to meet customer needs; maintenance and repair costs are low, which is convenient for customer cost control;
● High precision, fast response, good controllability and compatibility, perfect functions and professional technical support.


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Device details
Vacuum plasma processing system
Control System
PLC+touch screen power supply 380V/AC, 50/60Hz, 3kw
IF power
Number of layers
Effective processing area
Gas channel
Two working gas options: Ar, N2, CF4, O2

The application of industrial plasma plasma cleaning machine in the printing industry, the industrial plasma plasma cleaning machine produces etching and roughness on the surface of the film, so that its hydrophilicity, adhesion, dyeability, biocompatibility and electrical properties are obtained respectively improve.

In the past, the printing industry has taken the following measures to increase such functions:
1. Do not hesitate to increase the cost to purchase imported or domestic high-grade glue box glue, but if the chemicals are improperly stored or due to other reasons, the phenomenon of glue opening may still occur.
2. For the film-coated color box, it is more effective to use the knife line method, or to leave the mouth open when the film is laminated, and to match with high-quality glue, but it is not the best method. Since the laminating method makes the living mode unavailable for small box products, the blade will also have process problems, which will increase the cost of the blade.

Industrial plasma plasma cleaning machine improves material performance in the printing industry

The above method cannot completely solve the problem of glue opening. Directly use an industrial plasma plasma cleaning machine to process the coated color box by the processor, and the surface of the coated film will undergo many physical and chemical changes, or it will be etched and become rough or formed. A dense cross-linked layer, or the introduction of oxygen-containing polar groups to improve the hydrophilicity, adhesion, dyeability, biocompatibility and electrical properties, respectively, and the introduction of multiple oxygen-containing groups to make the surface Polarity and difficult-to-adhesive properties become polar, easy-to-adhesive, and hydrophilic, which improves the surface energy of the bonding surface. The bonding is equivalent to ordinary paper, the product quality is more stable, and the problem of glue opening is completely eliminated. It is also an important application of industrial plasma plasma cleaning machine in the printing industry, and has won the trust of many printing manufacturers.

plasma surface treatment machine

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