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Vacuum plasma activation equipment


Large processing space, increase processing capacity, adopt PLC + touch screen control system, accurately control the operation of equipment;
The capacity and number of layers of the equipment cavity can be customized according to customer requirements to meet customer needs; maintenance and repair costs are low, which is convenient for customer cost control;
High precision, fast response, good controllability and compatibility, perfect functions and professional technical support.


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Device details


Vacuum plasma processing system



Control system

PLC+touch screen


380V/AC,50/60Hz, 3kw

IF power supply power




Number of layers


Effective processing area


Gas channel

Two working gas options:Ar、N2、CF4、O2 

Use plasma cleaning dispenser to process PP polypropylene PMMA acrylic
   Plasma cleaning dispenser is an equipment that integrates plasma cleaning machine and dispensing process. With the development of recent years, the process has become more mature, so is the plasma cleaning dispenser good? What are its characteristics?
Plasma cleaning dispenser is a combination of plasma cleaning machine and automatic dispenser, integrating plasma surface treatment and dispensing process. Plasma cleaning dispenser is used in more and more practical applications, especially suitable for some After being processed by the plasma cleaning machine, products with poor timeliness performance can be dispensed immediately after the plasma cleaning process, which can achieve better dispensing results. This is just one of the benefits of the plasma cleaning dispenser, so what about the specific functional characteristics? Let me tell you about it.
The plasma cleaning machine installed on the plasma cleaning dispenser can effectively remove dirt that is difficult to see with the naked eye, mainly including organic matter, oil, dust, etc. In addition to surface cleaning, it can also improve the wettability of the surface of the processed material , Increase the surface roughness of the material, increase the contact area between the glue and the material surface, remove the organic matter, oil and even dirt that the material can’t see with the naked eye, improve the wettability of the material surface, increase the surface roughness, and make the glue and the material The bond between is stronger.
For some materials with poor surface energy, such as PP polypropylene, PE polyester, ETFE ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer, PMMA acrylic, EPDM EPDM, etc., plasma cleaning dispensing can also improve the surface glue of the material Reliability, durability and peel resistance of bonding. After the automatic integrated processing of the plasma cleaning dispenser, the consistency of the material dispensing is good, and the phenomenon of wire drawing, glue overflow, and glue breaking is not easy to occur, which can effectively reduce the delamination caused by air bubbles.

Wide plasma surface treatment machine (argon oxygen type)

Shenzhen Chengfeng Zhi made plasma cleaning machine

Top 500 enterprises choose brands for a long time

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  • jingtai
  • Bluesi
  • PAI

The reason for choosing us

20 years of independent R & D experience in top 500 enterprises, a number of technology patent certification.
Adopt imported components through EU CE certification so that you can use them without worry.

  • Professional R & D team

    Has a number of assembly engineers who have been engaged in the industry for more than ten years.

  • Advanced equipment

    Certification treats every equipment test

  • Strict quality control

    The equipment runs and debugs continuously for 24 hours before coming out.

  • Perfect service system

    A high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, production and sales of plasma equipment.

  • The service industry has a wide range of fields.

    Focus on plasma research and development for 20 years, serving a variety of industries

  • Special customizable equipment

    Make the equipment completely according to the customer's requirements.

A number of patent certificates, manufacturer strength certification

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