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Plasma surface activation machine


A single processing system can carry 2-4 plasma spray guns of various types, with full network matching and intelligent integration;
Have more space-saving and more types of applications;
With RS485/RS232, start-stop I/O control mode, convenient and fast, reduce cost;
Used in different occasions to meet a variety of different products and processing environments;
It can be installed in the customer's equipment production line in-line, reducing customer input costs; long service life, low maintenance and repair costs.


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Device details


4D intelligent integrated plasma processing system



Power supply



800W*4set/ 25KHz

Power factor


Number of plasma spray guns


Processing height


Processing width


Internal control mode

Digital control

External control mode

RS485/RS232、analog communication port, start-stop I/O

Working gas

Compressed Air (0.4mpa)/N2(0.2mpa)

What are the issues we need to consider in the development and purchase of plasma cleaners
In recent years, the market's requirements for quality have become increasingly strict, and the international requirements for environmental protection have become more and more stringent. Many high-density cleaning industries in my country are facing severe challenges. It can be said that it is a brand-new revolution. In the current situation, some chlorinated hydrocarbon cleaning agents, water-based cleaning agents and hydrocarbon solvents that have appeared as substitutes have hindered domestic cleaning due to their toxicity, cumbersome water treatment, poor cleaning effect, difficulty in drying, and poor safety. Industrial development.
In addition, the ultrasonic cleaning machines currently on the market cannot achieve the effect of modification. They can only clean some visible objects on the surface. Because of various defects in the manufacturing process, high-tech products such as plasma cleaning machines are derived. More and more industries use plasma cleaners. The plasma cleaner can achieve surface modification, cleaning, and product performance enhancement, which greatly reduces the defect rate caused by the product in the manufacturing process, thereby improving product quality and reducing production. Cost and so on. At present, in China, plasma cleaners have brought great convenience to many industrial manufacturers. For example: Plasma surface treatment machine treats silica gel, plasma treatment cell phone shell, glass surface plasma treatment, plasma surface treatment machine treats speakers, earphones and other treatment processes.
It is believed that in the near future, plasma cleaning opportunities will be favored by more and more industrial manufacturers, thus becoming an indispensable part of industrial manufacturing equipment. So what issues should we pay attention to when buying a plasma cleaning machine?
To choose a suitable plasma cleaning machine, which aspects need to be analyzed:
Analysis of cleaning requirements; according to the characteristics of the sample, is it a complex shape or a flat surface? And how much temperature can the sample withstand? Does the production process and efficiency requirements require supporting production lines?
1. Choose a suitable cleaning method
Choose an appropriate cleaning method based on the analysis of cleaning requirements. Namely atmospheric pressure plasma cleaning, wide-width plasma cleaning, and vacuum plasma cleaning.
2. Processing time
The modification of the polymer surface treated by the plasma equipment is a free gene. The longer the treatment time, the greater the discharge power, so this is one of the important information you need to know when buying.
3. The commonly used power of a plasma cleaner is about one kilowatt.
4. How long can the products with plasma surface treatment be retained?
This is based on the material of the product itself. It can be suggested that in order to avoid secondary pollution of the product, the next process can be carried out after plasma surface treatment, which can effectively solve the problem of secondary pollution and improve the performance of the product. And quality.
5. Will the plasma cleaner produce harmful substances during use?
There is no need to worry about this problem, because the plasma cleaner has a full set of preventive measures when it is processed, and it will be equipped with an exhaust system. A small part of the ozone will be ionized by the air, so it is not harmful to the human body.

Wide plasma surface treatment machine (argon oxygen type)

Shenzhen Chengfeng Zhi made plasma cleaning machine

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  • jingtai
  • Bluesi
  • PAI

The reason for choosing us

20 years of independent R & D experience in top 500 enterprises, a number of technology patent certification.
Adopt imported components through EU CE certification so that you can use them without worry.

  • Professional R & D team

    Has a number of assembly engineers who have been engaged in the industry for more than ten years.

  • Advanced equipment

    Certification treats every equipment test

  • Strict quality control

    The equipment runs and debugs continuously for 24 hours before coming out.

  • Perfect service system

    A high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, production and sales of plasma equipment.

  • The service industry has a wide range of fields.

    Focus on plasma research and development for 20 years, serving a variety of industries

  • Special customizable equipment

    Make the equipment completely according to the customer's requirements.

A number of patent certificates, manufacturer strength certification

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