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The function and process value of the equipment of Chengfeng Zhizhi plasma processor manufacturer to process masks

The function and process value of the equipment of Chengfeng Zhizhi plasma processor manufacturer to process masks:
After the outbreak of the new coronavirus, masks have become unsalable goods, and the supply is in short supply! Many people don't know that plasma processors can be used in mask production! The function of Chengfeng Zhizao plasma processor manufacturers to process masks is to make the masks more hydrophilic and easier to bond. Improve the bonding properties of mask composite fibers. Improve the surface performance of the mask and increase the humidity on the surface of the mask.
The process value of the mask processed by Chengfeng Zhizhi plasma treatment machine manufacturer: The mask requires a firm color, lasting stability, and reduces the use of solvents to benefit environmental protection and health. After plasma surface treatment, it can be more firmly and lastingly attached. Using plasma surface treatment technology, new functional coating fabrics can be developed and created, which can increase the added value of products and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Plasma cleaning machine surface treatment is a dry process, which can make the production process green and environmentally friendly, reduce sewage discharge, and greatly reduce operation and maintenance costs; at the same time, it can improve the process and improve product quality.

The following is an introduction to the evolution of equipment operation by Chengfeng Zhizao plasma cleaning machine manufacturer:
Until the advent of PLC, the control system of all plasma cleaners was controlled by relays. The central control usually includes two control methods: button and touch. Button control refers to the use of manual controllers to control the circuit of electrical equipment; contact control is to use relays for logic control, and its control objects include the electrical equipment circuit and the coil of the relay itself.
Relay control is to connect the mechanical contacts of electrical components in series and parallel to form a logic control circuit. The experimental vacuum plasma cleaner is controlled by key operation. The main electrical control parts include: vacuum pump, RF power supply, vacuum gauge, timer, float flowmeter, green power indicator, buzzer, power regulator, vent button (self-locking), gas one button (self-locking), Gas two button (self-locking), high-frequency power button (self-locking), vacuum pump button (self-locking), total power knob switch.

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