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Atmospheric pressure plasma etching activation machine


Optional multiple types of plasma spray guns and nozzles, used in different occasions, to meet a variety of different products and processing environments;
The device is small in size, easy to carry and move, saving customers' use space;
It can be installed in the customer's equipment production line in ln-Line style to reduce customer input costs;
Long service life, low maintenance and repair costs, convenient for customer cost control;


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Device details

Digital control


Jet type AP plasma processing system

Plasma power supply model


Rotary spray type plasma spray gun model

Rotary spray type: RXX(Option:20mm-80mm)

Power supply




Power factor


Processing height


Handling wide format

Rotary jet type: 20-80mm (Option)


External control mode

RS485/RS232、analog communication port, start-stop I/O

Working gas

Compressed Air (0.4mpa)/N2(0.2mpa)

Power supply weight


The cleaning classification of plasma cleaning machine and how to achieve efficient surface cleaning
Before the appearance of PLC, the control system of all plasma cleaners was mainly controlled by relays. Relay control generally includes two control modes: button and contact control. Button control refers to the use of manual controllers to control the circuits of electrical equipment; while contact control uses relays for logic control. The control objects include both electrical equipment circuits and the relay's own coils. To
The relay control uses the mechanical contacts of electrical components to be combined in series and parallel to form a logic control circuit. The experimental vacuum plasma cleaner is controlled by button operation. The main electrical components of the control part are: vacuum pump, RF power supply, vacuum gauge, timer, float flow meter, green power indicator, buzzer with light, power regulator, vent button (with self-locking), gas one button (With self-locking), two gas buttons (with self-locking), high-frequency power button (with self-locking), vacuum pump button (with self-locking), total power knob switch. Button (with self-locking), vacuum pump button (with self-locking), total power knob switch.
The composition and operation mode of the button-operated vacuum plasma cleaning machine also determine some of its shortcomings. Because the contacts are connected by wires, they are prone to failure, low reliability, and difficult to maintain. Relay components are discrete components. It is large in size and inconvenient to implement complex logic control; however, although there are shortcomings, its advantages cannot be ignored, that is, the price is relatively affordable, the control objects correspond to each other, and the operation is intuitive and flexible. ,
Efficient surface cleaning of plasma cleaner
Plasma pretreatment and cleaning have created ideal surface conditions for subsequent coating operations of plastics, aluminum and even glass.
Since plasma cleaning is a "dry" cleaning process, the material can immediately enter the next processing process after processing. Therefore, plasma cleaning is a stable and efficient process. Due to the high energy of the plasma, the chemical substances or organic pollutants on the surface of the material can be decomposed, and all impurities that may interfere with adhesion are effectively removed, so that the surface of the material reaches the good conditions required by the subsequent coating process. Use plasma technology to clean the surface in accordance with the requirements of the process, no mechanical damage to the surface, no chemical solvents, a completely green process, release agents, additives, plasticizers or other surface pollution composed of hydrocarbons can be removed .
Surface cleaning by plasma can remove very fine dust particles that are tightly attached to the plastic surface. Through a series of reactions and interactions, the plasma can completely remove these dust particles from the surface of the object. This can greatly reduce the scrap rate of high-quality coating operations, such as those in the automotive industry. Through a series of physical and chemical actions at the micro level, the surface cleaning effect of plasma can obtain fine and high-quality surfaces.

Wide plasma surface treatment machine (argon oxygen type)

Shenzhen Chengfeng Zhi made plasma cleaning machine

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    A high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, production and sales of plasma equipment.

  • The service industry has a wide range of fields.

    Focus on plasma research and development for 20 years, serving a variety of industries

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