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Wide plasma surface treatment machine (argon oxygen type)


Fully automatic plasma cleaning machine is used in FPC&PCB surface treatment, surface treatment of composite materials, glass, ITO and other industries;

The patented built-in cooling system improves and guarantees the service life and performance of the equipment;

Flexible On-Line installation, the energy of electrons and ions can reach more than 10eV, and the efficiency of material batch processing can be more than 10 times higher than that of the low-pressure glow discharge device.


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Device details
Name Fully automatic On-Line AP plasma processing system
Model CRF-APS-500W
Power supply 220V/AC, 50/60Hz
Plasma power 1000W/13.56MHz
Effective processing height 1-8mm (MAX)
Effective processing width 120-2000mm (Option)
Processing speed
Working gas

Fully automatic plasma treatment system plasma cleaning machine manufacturer specific application of plasma cleaning technology

      1. High aspect ratio double-layer flexible board to remove slag, hard-soft fusion board to remove slag to improve the bonding compressive strength between the hole edge and the copper plating layer, remove the slag to improve reliability, and avoid the inner layer after copper plating Cause an open circuit.
      2. The modified activity of the surface layer of the front hole wall of the high-frequency copper-immersed Teflon board improves the bonding force between the hole wall and the copper plating layer, and avoids black holes and blast holes. The activation of the solder mask and the character front plate effectively prevents the solder mask characters from falling off.
      3. The through holes and blind/buried holes of the laser on the HDI board eliminate the carbon compound burned by the laser. Regardless of the specification of the aperture, the actual effect of the microplate with a diameter of less than 50μm is more significant.
      4. The plasma cleaning machine removes the film residue of the dry film during the meticulous line production.
      5. The PI surface layer passivation treatment before the composite type of hard and soft board is pressed, and the tensile strength value of the PI surface layer roughening treatment before the flexible circuit board is strengthened can be increased by more than ten times.
      6. Before chemical gold/electroplating process, finger and pad surface are cleaned to eliminate solder mask ink and other residues to improve adhesion. Because of its reliability, some large flexible plate processing plants have selected plasma automatic equipment to replace traditional plate grinding machines.
      7. After chemical gold/electroplating, the surface layer of the SMT pad is removed to improve the solderability, avoiding the empty soldering rate and the low soldering rate before SMT, and improving the strength.
      8. The surface cleaning of PCB board before BGA packaging, the pretreatment of gold wire, and the change of wiring/connection strength for EMC's pre-package production and processing.
      9. The LCD module board in the LCD industry cleans the air oxidation of the golden finger and the pollution such as glue leakage during the process of pressing the protective film. The surface layer is cleaned before the polarizer is attached.
      10. Semiconductor material polishing sheet in IC semiconductor material industry, to remove the oxide film and organic compound on the surface of Wafer; the cleaning of external pollutants during the COB/COG/COF/ACF process during the processing process improves the adhesion and reliability .
      11. Before wire bonding in the LED industry, clean the surface of the pad to improve the wire bonding yield.
      12. Like PTFE, plastic, glass, porcelain and polypropylene are also non-organic, so this material needs to be plasma treated before printing and dispensing. The surface of glass and porcelain is also slightly contaminated by metal materials. Plasma cleaners, silicone type functional key connectors, and polymer surface modification can improve the adhesion of printing and coatings.

Common problems of equipment operation

      1. The requirements for the power supply of the low-temperature plasma cleaning machine during operation are: AC 220V/380V frequency is 50/60Hz, and there are also 3/12.5kw. Which configuration to choose depends on the requirements, and the power supply should be connected before starting. After the equipment is in operation, there should be a smooth running sound, and the green indicator light is usually on to show that the equipment is operating normally. If the yellow fault light is on, the operation should be stopped for maintenance.
       2. When using the low-temperature plasma cleaning machine manufactured by Chengfeng Zhizhi, pay special attention to the red warning light. When the equipment is running or shaking frequently, the red warning light is always on. At this time, you should immediately press the reset button to observe the equipment. If it is abnormal, immediately stop the operation of the equipment, and then perform a fault check to avoid damage to the equipment.
       3. When using the low temperature plasma cleaning machine, it is necessary to clean regularly, and the power must be disconnected when cleaning, and then the cavity and the electric control box can be opened, and the cleaning should be carried out in accordance with the specifications required by the manual. In addition, now Many low-temperature plasma cleaning machine chambers are of external annular electrical level, so the internal cavity is not easily polluted.
       The above points are basically the issues that should be paid attention to when using various low-temperature plasma cleaners. With the increasing types of equipment, operators should carefully read and understand the instructions before using them. Many low-temperature plasma cleaners also require operators. Only after induction training. And as many low-temperature plasma equipment begin to have self-cleaning functions, the daily maintenance of the equipment has become easier.
Wide plasma surface treatment machine (argon oxygen type)

Shenzhen Chengfeng Zhi made plasma cleaning machine

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