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Linear plasma surface treatment machine


Automatic On-Line AP plasma treatment system CRF-APO- 500W-C/W-S;
With automatic loading and unloading device, fully automated production is realized, equipment is optimized and upgraded, labor is saved, and costs are reduced;
Equipped with PLC+touch screen control mode, using precise motion module, easy to operate;
The number of nozzles can be selected to meet the diversified needs of customers;
Equipped with a professional dust collection system to ensure product quality and the cleanliness of plasma surface treatment equipment.


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Device details
NameAutomatic  On-Line AP plasma processing system
Model  CRF-APO-500W-C
Power supply  220V/AC, 50/60Hz
Plasma power  2set*600W/25KHz(Option)
Effective processing height  5-15mm
Processing width:  50-500mm (Option)
Processing  speed 0-5m/min
transfer methodAnti-static insulated conveyor belt
Number of nozzles2(Option)
Working gas Compressed Air(0.4mpa)

Scope of application
      Automatic On-Line online plasma cleaning machine is mainly used in the pretreatment of mobile phone shell printing, coating, dispensing, etc. in the electronics industry, the surface treatment of mobile phone screens; the surface cleaning of connectors; the pretreatment of screen printing and transfer printing in general industries Wait.
      The function of the cleaning machine produced by the supplier of the online plasma cleaning machine: It can remove the invisible organic pollutants and surface absorption layer, and the surface layer of the product and the pollution film layer of the workpiece. Ultra-high-precision one-time cleaning solves the adhesion problem of the surface of the product workpiece.
      Plasma active treatment of online plasma cleaning machine: through activation, an ideal bonding layer is generated on the surface of the product workpiece, and pre-treatment of polymers and materials such as gluing, packaging, printing, welding, spraying, etc. is carried out.
      Plasma polymerization in online plasma cleaner: Use plasma technology to obtain a new surface structure through submicron high-connected film precipitation, improve the actual effect of spraying and metal surface treatment, and produce functions such as hydrophobic, oleophobic or hydrophilic.
      Many cheap industrial plastics, such as polypropylene, have good mechanical properties, but when they are used as substrates, they cannot exhibit excellent adhesion for coatings and bonding. This is due to their non-polar surface layer. . The traditional method generally uses primer coating and UV irradiation treatment, but both of these methods have drawbacks. Since the plasma force and the polymer surface will cause a variety of interactions, the treatment of plastic parts with plasma provides a new way to solve the problem. The on-line plasma cleaning machine can remove the adsorbed molecular structure and weak bonding layer on the surface of the polymer, and form new functional groups to increase the wettability and adhesion of the material surface.
How to improve the uniformity of plasma cleaning machine
       1. Surface wettability
       2. The wettability of the surface layer can help us distinguish between good and bad wettability.
       3. As the surface tension of the liquid increases, the surface energy of the solid substrate increases. The better the wettability, the smaller the contact angle.
       4. In order to form a proper bond between the liquid and the surface of the substrate, the surface energy of the substrate should be in the range of about 2-10mN/m of liquid tension.

       5. When installing droplets on a smooth solid surface, the droplets will spread to the substrate. If they are completely wetted, the contact angle will be almost zero. Conversely, if wetting is local, the resulting contact angle is balanced between 0 and 180 degrees.


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