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Vacuum plasma surface treatment machine


Large processing space, increase processing capacity, adopt PLC + touch screen control system, accurately control the operation of equipment;
The capacity and number of layers of the equipment cavity can be customized according to customer requirements to meet customer needs; maintenance and repair costs are low, which is convenient for customer cost control;
High precision, fast response, good controllability and compatibility, perfect functions and professional technical support.


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Device details
Name: Vacuum plasma processing system
Model :CRF-VPO-12L-S
Control system PLC+touch screen
Power supply: 380V/AC, 50/60Hz, 7kw
Intermediate frequency power supply: 1000W/40KHz/13.56MHz
Capacity: 180L(Option)
Number of layers: 14(Option)
Effective processing area: 490(L)*356(W)
Gas channel: Two working gas options: Ar, N2, CF4, O2
Shape: sheet metal structure

Scope of application
        Vacuum plasma cleaning machine is suitable for printed circuit board industry, semiconductor IC field, silica gel, plastic, polymer field, automotive electronics industry, aviation industry, etc. Printed circuit board industry: high-frequency board surface activation, multi-layer board surface cleaning, de-drilling dirt, soft board, soft-hard combined board plasma surface cleaning, de-drilling dirt, activation before soft board reinforcement. Semiconductor IC field: COB, COG, COF, ACF process, used for cleaning before bonding and welding; silica gel, plastic, polymer field of silica gel, plastic, polymer surface roughening, etching, and activation.
       The vacuum plasma cleaning machine adopts the method of inciting plasma as the cleaning medium, which can effectively prevent the secondary pollution of the cleaning target caused by the liquid cleaning substance. The equipment is equipped with a vacuum pump, which can discharge the pollutants reacted in the plasma while maintaining the vacuum of the inner cavity of the vacuum device, so that the pollutants can be quickly and completely eliminated in a short time.
       The design of the vacuum plasma cleaner is reasonable and effective, and it needs to be combined with different materials. The antistatic support frame can avoid the influence of static electricity on the product. The plasma cleaning machine can complete ion implantation, activation and cleaning of the product surface according to plasma bombardment or chemical reaction. Carrying out bonding to the surface layer can significantly enhance the bonding compressive strength.
       The plasma cleaner is equipped with over-current leakage protector power switch, self-diagnosis power circuit, abnormal phenomenon buzzer alarm and other safety functions. At this stage, it is used in the cleaning and etching processes of LCD, LED, integrated circuit chips, printed circuit boards, SMD, BGA, lead frames, touch panels, etc. Plasma cleaning integrated circuit chips can significantly enhance the bonding strength and reduce the probability of circuit ineffectiveness. After touching the plasma, the remaining photoresist, epoxy resin, organic solvent residues and other organic contaminants can be removed in a short time.
       The vacuum plasma cleaning machine adopts three-layer warning lights of temperature, working pressure and abnormal warning lights, which can carry out real-time monitoring and operation of the operation of machinery and equipment. In the production of electronic devices, aviation and other industries, the credibility of plasma cleaners depends on the bonding strength between the surface layers of the two materials. Whether it is metal materials, porcelain, polymers, plastics or their composite materials, plasma can improve adhesion and improve product quality.
       Plasma cleaners can also change the surface characteristics of some materials according to specific conditions. The glow discharge of plasma equipment in the cleaning process can improve the adhesion, compatibility and lubricity of these materials. The power supply of the cleaning machine adopts RF radio frequency power supply, stable and reliable power amplifier module and DC module to ensure the RF output power output of the power supply. The use of high-quality electronic components ensures product reliability.

Plasma surface activation
      Part of the active atoms, free radicals and unsaturated bonds appear on the surface of hard-to-stick plastics under the action of plasma. These active groups contact with active particles in the plasma to produce new active groups. However, materials containing active groups will be affected by the action of oxygen or the movement of molecular chains, so that the surface active groups disappear.

      When the plasma modifies the surface of the material, the action of the surface active particles on the surface molecules causes the surface molecular chains to break, thereby generating new free radicals, double bonds and other active groups, thereby causing surface cross-linking, grafting and other reactions.


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