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Plasma equipment


● Configure professional motion control platform, PLC+touch screen control mode, adopt precise motion module, easy to operate;
● The number of nozzles can be selected to meet the diversified needs of customers;
● Configure a professional dust collection system to ensure product quality and equipment tidiness and cleanliness.


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Device details


Jet type AP plasma processing system

Plasma power supply model


Rotary spray type plasma spray gun model

Rotary spray type:RXX(Option:20mm-80mm)

External power supply


Plasma power


Power factor


Processing height


Handling wide format

Rotary jet type:20-80mm(Option)

Internal control mode

Digital control

External control mode

RS485/RS232、analog communication port, start-stop I/O
Working gas Compressed Air

Working gas

Compressed Air (0.4mpa)/N2(0.2mpa)

Power supply weigh


The modification of metal surface by plasma cleaner is conducive to spraying, printing, bonding and other processes

Surface modification of materials includes chemical methods and physical methods. The general chemical treatment method is relatively cumbersome, and a large number of toxic chemicals are easy to cause environmental pollution, and it is also very harmful to the human body. Compared with the traditional surface treatment technology, the surface treatment technology of the low temperature plasma surface processor has the advantages of simple process, convenient operation, convenient control, and no pollution to the environment, and is more and more popular.
The surface properties of the material will change under the action of these active particles. The characteristics of plasma are: (1) The depth of action on the surface of the material is only a few hundred angstroms, and does not affect the performance of the matrix material; (2) It can treat surfaces of various shapes; (3) It has a strong bactericidal effect. In recent years, due to its unique properties, low-temperature plasma surface processors have received more and more attention and attention in surface modification of materials.
Low-temperature plasma surface processors are widely used in the surface mechanical properties of metal materials, such as material wear, hardness, friction, fatigue, corrosion, etc.
1. Strengthen the adhesion to metal surfaces.
After the special metal low-temperature plasma surface processor is processed, the surface morphology of the material undergoes microscopic changes. After the low-temperature plasma surface processor processes the metal material, the surface adhesion of the material can reach 80 or more, which can meet various bonding, spraying, printing, etc. Process, at the same time achieve the effect of removing static electricity.
2. Improve the corrosion resistance of the metal surface.
The existing methods of plasma treatment of iron and steel alloys can improve their friction and corrosion properties. Since ions in the four directions are injected into the sample at the same time, there is no line of sight limitation, so it can handle samples with more complicated shapes. Low-temperature plasma technology is used to coat the metal surface with polyterephthalate support, and aluminum film and other technologies are mostly used for spacecraft metal surface protection.
3. Improve the hardness and wear resistance of metals.

The application research of plasma immersion ion implantation mainly uses nitrogen plasma for surface treatment of metal materials. The results show that, due to the formation of TiN and CrN superhard layers, the wear resistance of the sample surface is improved.

Wide plasma surface treatment machine (argon oxygen type)

Shenzhen Chengfeng Zhi made plasma cleaning machine

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  • Advanced equipment

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  • Strict quality control

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  • Perfect service system

    A high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, production and sales of plasma equipment.

  • The service industry has a wide range of fields.

    Focus on plasma research and development for 20 years, serving a variety of industries

  • Special customizable equipment

    Make the equipment completely according to the customer's requirements.

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