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Vacuum plasma processor


Large processing space, increase processing capacity, adopt PLC + touch screen control system, accurately control the operation of equipment;
The capacity and number of layers of the equipment cavity can be customized according to customer requirements to meet customer needs; maintenance and repair costs are low, which is convenient for customer cost control;
High precision, fast response, good controllability and compatibility, perfect functions and professional technical support.


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Device details


Vacuum plasma processing system



Control system

PLC+touch screen


380V/AC,50/60Hz, 3kw

RF power supply




Number of layers


Effective processing area


Gas channel

Two working gas options:Ar、N2、CF4、O2 

Shape sheet metal

Scope of application

Scope of application

The vacuum plasma cleaner is suitable for printed circuit board industry, semiconductor IC field, silica gel, plastic, polymer field, automotive electronics industry, aviation industry, etc. Printed circuit board industry: high-frequency board surface activation, multi-layer board surface cleaning, de-drilling dirt, soft board, soft-hard combined board surface cleaning, de-drilling dirt, activation before soft board reinforcement. Semiconductor IC field: COB, COG, COF, ACF process, used for cleaning before bonding and welding; silica gel, plastic, polymer field of silica gel, plastic, polymer surface roughening, etching, and activation.
Vacuum plasma processing equipment is also known as plasma surface processor and plasma processor. It is commonly used for the activation and modification of high-tech industries such as precision machinery and equipment, printing and dyeing, powder materials, automobile industry, aerospace, and pollution control. Plasma cleaning technology is the application of low-temperature plasma, which is a dry environmentally friendly processing equipment. The plasma cleaning machine mainly relies on external conditions such as high temperature, high frequency, and high energy.
The plasma treatment of vacuum plasma treatment equipment is a dry process. The use of electrical energy to catalyze the reaction can provide a low temperature working environment and avoid the use of dangerous wet chemical cleaning materials. It is safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly. Simply put, plasma cleaning technology combines plasma physics, chemistry and solid surface reactions, which can reasonably and effectively eliminate residual pollutants on the surface of the material, and ensure that the surface of the material and its own characteristics are not affected. influences.
The plasma cleaning technology of vacuum plasma processing equipment has excellent processing effects on semiconductor materials, metal materials and most polymer fiber materials. Regardless of the shape of the material to be processed, it can complete the cleaning of the whole, designated parts and complex structures. The processing technology is easy to realize automation and intelligence, and is equipped with high-precision manipulation equipment, which can accurately control time, memory points and other functions. Due to its advantages of simple operation, high precision, good maneuverability and environmental protection, plasma cleaning technology's material surface modification, activation etching and other functions have been well received in many industries. After cleaning with a plasma cleaning machine, there is no residue on the surface of the material. According to the selection and matching of different plasma cleaning methods, different cleaning effects can be achieved, which can meet the various requirements of the subsequent production process for material processing. Because the specificity of plasma is not strong, it can also be adapted to the treatment of objects with complex structures such as depressions, perforations, and wrinkles.
Do you know this method of removing dirt on the surface of micro-magnetic steel and improving the bonding effect?
There are many types of small magnetic steel products, which have a wide range of uses. They have high requirements for the cleanliness and bonding strength of the product surface. How can plasma cleaning machines effectively remove surface contaminants and improve the bonding effect?
The main types of small micro-magnetic steel sheets are aluminum-cobalt magnetic steel, rare earth strong magnetic (neodymium iron boron) bonded rare earth permanent magnetic steel, ferrite magnetic steel, etc., which have been widely used in smartphone acoustic devices, such as speakers, earphones, Microphones, etc., as well as micro-motors, air-conditioning motors, computer-driven motors, magnetic therapy products, etc. Most small magnetic steel sheets have higher requirements for product surface cleanliness, and are generally produced in dust-free workshops. In addition, there are certain requirements for product surface adhesion strength. Therefore, is there a more reliable method to remove the contaminants on the surface of the magnetic steel, so as to improve the effect of bonding products?
Different from cleaning in the traditional sense, the surface treatment process of the plasma cleaning machine is dry cleaning throughout the entire process, which does not contain waste water and other waste gas pollutants. The plasma cleaning machine can remove the contaminants on the surface of the magnetic steel, and at the same time form active groups on the surface of the magnetic steel to improve the morphological characteristics of the surface of the magnetic steel.
After the plasma cleaning machine is used to treat the miniature magnetic steel sheet, the surface energy of the magnetic steel sheet will change significantly, which can be assisted by the contact angle tester. In general, the smaller the water drop angle, the higher the surface energy. Conducive to obtain better bonding effect. The following is the comparison before and after plasma surface treatment of small magnet steel.
The angle of the water droplet before treatment is 110.99 degrees;
The angle of the water droplets processed by the plasma cleaning machine is 32.5 degrees;
The main reasons for the different angles of water droplets before and after plasma surface treatment:
1. The cleaning function of the plasma cleaning machine, which can remove organic pollutants on the surface of the magnetic steel to form a clean surface;
2. The activation effect of the cleaning equipment causes a large number of hydrophilic active groups on the surface of the magnetic steel to increase the surface energy. At this time, the bonding is carried out as soon as possible to obtain better results. 

If you need to know more, please feel free to inquire at any time, and we will answer your questions about the dirty surface of the material free of charge.

Wide plasma surface treatment machine (argon oxygen type)

Shenzhen Chengfeng Zhi made plasma cleaning machine

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