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Shaft-wheel plasma treatment machine


Equipped with a professional motion control platform, PLC+touch screen control mode, using precise motion modules, easy to operate;
The number of nozzles can be selected to meet the diversified needs of customers;
Equipped with a professional dust collection system to ensure product quality and equipment tidiness and cleanliness.


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Device details


Automatic On-Line (shaft wheel type) AP plasma processing system



Power supply




Processing width


Effective processing height


Processing speed


Transmission mode

Anti-static insulated roller

Number of print heads


Working gas

Compressed Air(0.4mpa)

Scope of application

Automatic On-Line (shaft wheel type) AP plasma equipment is mainly used in the electronic industry for mobile phone shell printing, coating, dispensing and other pre-processing, surface treatment of mobile phone screens; surface cleaning of electrical connectors; screen printing in general industries , Transfer printing pre-processing, etc.
Plasma processing system technology has promoted the rapid development trend of semiconductor materials and optical industry production, and is widely used in many high-tech industries such as precision machinery and equipment, automobile industry, new energy technology, aerospace and pollution control. The key to the plasma cleaning process of the plasma treatment system is the use of low-temperature plasma. The key to low-temperature plasma is caused by external conditions such as high temperature, high frequency, and high energy. It is a gaseous substance with neutral, high-energy, and ionized gas. The kinetic energy of low-temperature plasma is about tens of electron volts, and it contains ions, electrons, free radicals, and other specific active particles, as well as ultraviolet rays and other substances. This kind of particles can easily react with the molecular structure of pollutants on the surface of the material. It separates out, so it can be cleaned up. Because the energy of low-temperature plasma is much lower than that of high-energy rays, this method only involves the surface layer of the raw material and does not easily affect the properties of the material.
The automatic plasma equipment is a dry processing technology that uses electrocatalytic reactions to provide a low-temperature environment, and also eliminates harmful substances and waste water formed in the chemical water treatment process. It is safe and reliable, and is beneficial to environmental protection. Plasma cleaning combines plasma physics, plasma chemistry and material surface phase reflection, which can effectively eliminate residual organic air pollutants on the surface of the material, ensuring that it will not be affected by the surface and its own characteristics. At this stage, it has replaced the traditional wet method. Replacement method for cleaning up.
The automatic plasma equipment technology mainly uses the plasma effect to act on the surface of the material, causing a series of physical and chemical reactions, using special active particles and high-energy rays to reflect and collide with the molecular structure of organic chemical air pollutants on the surface. Produce small molecules of volatile substances, which are removed from the surface to achieve a cleaning effect. It can be seen that plasma cleaning technology has the advantages of simple process, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, and environmental protection and pollution-free.
According to different reaction types, automatic plasma equipment can be divided into two categories: plasma physics cleaning, which uses special active particles and high-energy rays to bombard to separate pollutants; plasma chemical treatment, which uses active particles and residue molecules to react to separate pollutants Things.
Unlike traditional solution cleaning, plasma uses the "active effect" of the higher-energy chemicals contained in it to clean the surface of the material. The actual cleaning effect is significant, which is a peel-off cleaning. Its removal effect is specifically manifested in the following aspects:
It can solve a variety of materials, and has low requirements for cleaning goals, so it is very suitable for materials that are not resistant to high temperatures and solvent-based materials;
After cleaning, there is no need for dryness or other processes, no waste water, no gas pollution during work, and environmental protection safety;
The actual operation is simple and easy to control. The vacuum cleaner does not require a high vacuum value. An atmospheric plasma cleaning process can also be used. In addition, it can prevent the use of a lot of solvents, so the cost is low.
Automatic plasma equipment, regardless of the material type of the target to be processed, has an effective processing effect on semiconductor materials, metal materials and most polymers, and can maintain the overall, partial and complex structure cleaning. The cleaning process can be automated and intelligent, and a high-precision control system can be installed to accurately control the time. In addition, plasma cleaning technology is widely used in the fields of electronic appliances, surface modification materials and active materials due to its simple use, high precision, and strong predictability.
Can the difficult bonding problem of medical ePTFE membrane be solved with a plasma cleaner?
In the actual production and application of medical ePTFE film, it is inevitable to encounter the problem of difficult bonding. Why is this product difficult to bond? Can the problem of using plasma cleaning machines be effectively solved?
Medical ePTFE membrane is a new type of polymer material, which is made of polytetrafluoroethylene resin through expansion and stretching processes, so it is also called expanded polytetrafluoroethylene membrane. Like other PTFE materials, medical ePTFE membranes also have some bonding problems during the bonding process. So why is it difficult to bond medical ePTFE membranes? Can't be solved with plasma cleaning machine?
Due to its excellent performance, PTFE medical films are widely used in biomedical fields such as artificial blood vessels and heart patches. But for the bonding of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene ePTFE, everyone should have a headache. First of all, we must understand the reasons for the difficult bonding of medical ePTFE membranes.
Reasons for difficult adhesion of medical ePTFE film:
The medical expanded polytetrafluoroethylene ePTFE film is generally 4-12mm thick and needs to meet different practical requirements, so it is usually laminated with different thicknesses of film layers, or bonded with other medical materials to form a certain Thickness of the sheet. Moreover, the bonding effect will be affected by factors such as material characteristics, adhesive composition, temperature, etc., and usually cannot meet the bonding and use requirements, that is, the phenomenon of difficult bonding. The phenomenon of difficulty in bonding is mainly caused by the following reasons:
1. It is difficult to bond between ePTFE membranes, and the use of complex adhesives will cause damage to the product;
2. The microporous structure of ePTFE membrane is formed by stretching under heating conditions. When the temperature reaches a certain level, the micropores will shrink or even disappear;
3. When the temperature rises, the ineffective components in the chemical binder will be removed.
Regarding whether the plasma cleaning machine can solve the adhesion problem of the ePTFE membrane, after repeated experiments and tests, the plasma cleaning machine can process the ePTFE membrane by selecting a non-reactive gas. In addition to effectively improving the adhesion of the ePTFE membrane, it also has other functions. Some processing advantages will be described in detail in the next article.

If you need to know more, please feel free to inquire at any time, and we will answer your questions about difficult bonding of materials for free

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