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Plasma processor


A single processing system can carry 24 plasma spray guns of various types, full network matching, intelligent integration and integration, with more space-saving, more types of applications, with RS485/RS232, start-stop I/O control mode, convenient and fast , Reduce costs, apply to different occasions, meet a variety of different products and processing environments.
It can be installed in the customer's equipment production line in-line to reduce customer input costs;
Long service life, low maintenance and repair costs.


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Device details


4D intelligent integrated plasma processing system



Power supply



800W*4set/ 25KHz

Power factor


Number of plasma spray guns


Processing height


Internal control mode

ModelDigital control

External control mode

RS485/RS232、analog communication port, start-stop I/O

Working gas

Compressed Air (0.4mpa)/N2(0.2mpa)

Scope of application

It is mainly used in the pre-processing of mobile phone case printing, coating, and dispensing in the electronics industry, the surface treatment of mobile phone screens; the surface cleaning of aerospace electrical connectors in the defense industry; and the pre-processing of screen, printing, and transfer printing in the general industry.
The plasma cleaning system has several functions at low temperatures: plasma surface modification, graft polymerization, and deposition polymerization. The so-called surface modification refers to changing the activity of the surface or thin layer of the raw material and ion implantation, which is generally called the reduction treatment method. Because the kinetic energy of low-temperature plasma (up to 20ev) is much higher than the chemical bond energy (10ev) in organic chemistry, it is very active. When processing fibrous organic substances, the chemical fibers on the surface of the processed raw materials are easily broken, thereby improving the hydrophilicity, abrasion resistance, pollution resistance and coloring properties of the chemical fibers or textile materials. Plasma technology graft polymerization is used to activate the surface layer, introduce specific active functional groups, and then use the grafting method to connect several specific carbon bonds of the original surface layer to form a new surface layer. Precipitation polymerization refers to the formation of plasma-like organic matter on the surface during the processing process in accordance with the processing technology standard.
In the low-temperature plasma cleaning system management system, the electron temperature is only higher than the positive ion and neutron temperature in the low-temperature plasma processing system, while the heavy particle temperature is not high, so it is not suitable for some nanocomposite surface layers. Low-temperature plasma treatment introduces a large number of functional groups on the surface of the polymer raw material. For example, the use of various non-polymer vapors (O2, H2, Ar) on the surface of the raw material can change the characteristics of the surface of the polymer raw material- OH and other functional groups. When using an external working voltage, it will penetrate the molecular structure of rare gases (N2, O2, CO, etc.), and introduce -OH, -NH2 functional group positive ions and molecules into the surface of the raw material, or directly form oxygen free radicals on the surface of the material. The newly introduced oxygen radicals can also be connected to certain molecular structures on the surface of the raw material through ionic bonds, so that the polymer has new surface characteristics. Plasma surface treatment technology is usually used for surface hydrophobicity, compatibility, activation modification and so on.
Plasma surface treatment machine (also called plasma cleaning machine) uses a low temperature plasma treatment system, which will not cause damage to the product, and low temperature plasma is widely used to change the surface mechanical properties of plastic and metal materials, such as material wear, hardness, and friction , Fatigue, corrosion resistance, etc.
Can resistance-type fuses and glass-metal encapsulation sockets be used to remove organics by plasma cleaning machines?
Resistive fuses and glass fiber reinforced plastic encapsulated sockets are specific types of precision electronic components. When organic contamination on the surface of such materials usually affects the quality of the finished product and increases the defect rate. Can the organic matter on the surface of components such as resistance fuses and glass-metal encapsulated sockets be cleaned with a plasma cleaning machine?
Resistive fuses and glass-metal encapsulated tube holders are generally small in size, special materials, fine craftsmanship, complex structure, good metal conductivity, and fast heat dissipation. They are generally welded to the circuit board. If there are organic substances on the surface, local current may be excessive and affect use. So, what is the use of using a plasma cleaning machine?
1. Resistance type fuse:
Resistive fuses are different from those used in our homes. They are mainly used on smartphones. They are also called PMPs in the industry. Generally, the structure of nickel-plated metal + epoxy resin + nickel-based metal is adopted, and the surface of the nickel-plated metal is mainly processed by the plasma cleaning machine.
The plasma generated by the plasma cleaning machine can react with organic matter invisible to the naked eye on the surface of the PMP, remove organic pollutants and particles on the surface of the metal plating layer, and form active groups on the surface to improve the subsequent potting effect.
2. Tube base of glass metal package:
In use, the glass fiber reinforced plastic package pipe seat is generally a metal device for sealing, fusing and other auxiliary devices. The main material used is electroplating nickel or electroless nickel + gold plating. When the surface of the glass fiber reinforced plastic package pipe seat is polluted by organic or inorganic matters, Plasma cleaning machines can be used to improve the quality of product packaging.

If you need to know more, please feel free to inquire at any time, and we will answer your questions about the removal of organic matter from materials for free.

Wide plasma surface treatment machine (argon oxygen type)

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