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4D intelligent integrated plasma processor


A single processing system can carry 24 plasma spray guns of various types, full network matching, intelligent integration and integration, with more space-saving, more types of applications, with RS485/RS232, start-stop I/O control mode, convenient and fast , Reduce costs, apply to different occasions, meet a variety of different products and processing environments.
Can be installed in the customer's equipment production line in-line, reducing customer input costs;
Long service life, low maintenance and repair costs.


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Device details


4D intelligent integrated plasma processing system



Power supply



800W*4set/ 25KHz

Power factor


Number of plasma spray guns


Processing height


Internal control mode

Digital control

External control mode

RS485/RS232、analog communication port, start-stop I/O

Working gas

Compressed Air (0.4mpa)/N2(0.2mpa)

Scope of application
It is mainly used in the pre-treatment of mobile phone case printing, coating, and glue dispensing in the electronics industry, the surface treatment of mobile phone screens; the surface cleaning of connectors; and the pre-treatment of screen printing and transfer printing in general industries.
In addition to gas molecules, ions, and electrons, the plasma of the intelligent integrated plasma processing system also contains electrically neutral atoms or groups of atoms (also called free radicals) excited by energy, as well as light emitted from the plasma. The short wavelength of light enables ultraviolet rays to play a key role in the interaction between plasma and the surface of chemical substances. Each of the following describes their functions in detail.
1. Oxygen radicals such as radicals produce effects on the surface of the object
Because these free radicals are all neutrally charged, they exist for a long time, and there are more ions in the plasma, so the free radicals play a key role in the plasma. In the chemical reaction process of the intelligent integrated plasma treatment system, the role of free radicals is specifically represented by the "activation" effect of energy transmission. Under the condition of excitation, the energy of free radicals is relatively high, so it is very easy to combine with the molecules on the surface of the object, resulting in new Oxygen free radicals, newly generated free radicals are also in unstable high-energy conditions, which may cause decomposition reactions, and they will become small molecules while causing new free radicals. This process is likely to happen again. Dissolve it into simple molecules such as water and carbon dioxide. Under other conditions, when free radicals combine with the surface molecules of the object, they will continue to cause a lot of binding energy. This energy is also the driving force for new surface reactions, which causes Chemical substances on the surface of the object are eliminated by a chemical reaction.
2. Electrons and the surface of objects
The impact on the surface of the object, on the one hand, promotes the decomposition or absorption of gas molecules absorbed on the surface, on the other hand, many electron impacts are beneficial to cause chemical reactions. Because the mass of electrons is very small, they move faster than ions. During plasma treatment, electrons will reach the surface of the object earlier than ions, which will cause the surface of the object to contain negative charges, which is beneficial to cause further reactions.
3. The role of ions and the surface of the object
Generally speaking, it is the action of positively charged cations. They will accelerate to the negatively charged surface. At this time, the surface of the object will get very large kinetic energy, which is enough to hit the particulate matter attached to the surface. Sputtering phenomenon. In addition, because the impact of ions can further increase the probability of chemical reactions on the surface of the object.
4. The reaction of ultraviolet rays to the surface of the object
Ultraviolet rays have strong light energy, which can break and decompose the molecular bonds of substances adhering to the surface of the object. Moreover, ultraviolet rays have a strong ability to pass through the surface of the object and can have an effect beyond several micrometers.
In short, the intelligent integrated plasma processing system plasma cleaning machine uses the active effects of various higher-energy substances in the plasma to completely detach and remove the stains absorbed on the surface of the object. It is widely used in packaging, rubber and plastic products, communications, automobiles, household appliances, optics, textiles, semiconductor materials and precision machinery manufacturing.
How to design and adjust the drum parameters of the vacuum drum plasma cleaning machine?
There are some special small objects suitable for processing with a vacuum drum plasma processor, and the effect of plasma processing has a certain relationship with the material characteristics, shape and size of the product. Practice has proved that the drum design and treatment process parameters of the device have a great influence on the plasma treatment effect. Let me introduce to you the design and parameter setting skills.
When a vacuum drum plasma processor is used, the size of the drum and the material and size of the mesh will be determined according to the actual situation. The size of the cylinder is mainly determined according to the actual production capacity, and the mesh size and material are mainly determined according to the specifications and dimensions of the processed products.
1. Drum size:
The more products in the primary treatment, the larger the drum design, and the less easily dispersed the products during the plasma treatment process, so that they can fully react with the plasma; on the contrary, the fewer the products in the primary treatment, the smaller the drum shape and the plasma effect. The better. If the equipment is used for scientific research and experiments, there are generally no special requirements for the drum size. If the vacuum drum plasma processor is used for production, the impact of its size on the processing effect, configuration selection and cost needs to be considered.
2. Net material:
The mesh material refers to the mesh number and material composition of the wire mesh or steel mesh wrapped around the cylinder. The mesh density corresponds to the size of the processed object. In the specific density design, it is necessary to prevent the processing parts from getting out of the network, and also to consider the effect of plasma. In addition, in the selection of grid materials, if the processed product is a metal part, it is necessary to consider the use of non-metal grids, otherwise sharp discharges may occur during plasma processing.
3. Adjustment of process parameters:
The vacuum drum plasma processor needs to adjust and optimize the processing parameters according to the processing purpose and process requirements, such as processing time, power, vacuum, drum speed, discharge frequency, selection and ratio of processing gas, etc.
For the plasma treatment of powder and particles, the vacuum drum plasma treatment machine should ensure stable discharge and moderate speed; for the treatment of metal powder, safety should also be considered. In addition, dry pumps should be given priority in the selection of vacuum pumps to prevent the contamination of reactants from sticking.
If you need to know more, please feel free to inquire at any time, and we will answer all kinds of questions about equipment design and technology for free.

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