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Atmospheric pressure plasma processor


Optional multiple types of plasma spray guns and nozzles, used in different occasions, to meet a variety of different products and processing environments;
The equipment is small in size, easy to carry and move, saving customers' use space;
Can be installed in the customer's equipment production line in-line, reducing customer input costs;
Long service life, low maintenance and repair costs, convenient for customer cost control.


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Device details


Jet type AP plasma processing system

Plasma power supply model


Direct-injection plasma spray gun model

Direct-injection: DXX (Option: 2mm-6mm)

Power supply




Power factor


Processing height


Handling wide format

Direct injection type:1-6mm(Option)

Internal control mode

Digital control

External control mode

Start and stop I/O

Working gas

Compressed Air (0.4mpa)/N2(0.2mpa)

Power supply weight


Scope of application

Plasma processing equipment is mainly used in the pre-processing of mobile phone case printing, coating, and dispensing in the electronics industry, surface processing of mobile phone screens; surface cleaning of connectors; screen printing and transfer printing pre-processing in general industries.
Plasma is an existence state of matter. Generally, matter exists in three states: solid, liquid, and gas, but in some special cases, it can exist in the fourth state, such as the surface of the sun and the ionized matter in the atmosphere. . This kind of matter is in a situation called plasma, which is the fourth state of matter. The following substances exist in plasma: high-speed electrons, neutral atoms, molecules, atomic groups (radicals), ionized atoms, molecules; ultraviolet light generated by the dissociation reaction of molecular structure, unreacted molecules, atoms, etc., but substances The condition of neutral charge balance is still maintained.
The equipment produced by the plasma treatment equipment manufacturer can be used to eliminate the degreasing organic matter on the metal surface and the oxide layer cleaning. It can be obtained by performing plasma treatment before sputtering, spraying, bonding, welding, soldering, PVD, and CVD coating. Completely clean surface without oxidation surface layer. Plasma solutions can cause the following reactions in such situations:
1. Ashing surface organic layer
The surface of the material will be chemically bombarded; pollutants will evaporate under high temperature conditions; environmental pollutants will be broken under the impact of higher-energy positive ions and then released.
Because the plasma only penetrates a few nanometers per second, the pollution layer cannot be too thick.
2. Plasma cleaning equipment is used to remove metal oxides
The oxide and the processed gas produce chemical changes, and this process is carried out with hydrogen or a mixture of hydrogen and argon. Sometimes a two-step production process technology is also used. Oxygen is used to oxidize the surface layer for five minutes, and then a mixture of hydrogen and argon is used to remove the oxide layer. To
3. Plasma etching is used for welding
In general, printed circuit boards are treated with organic chemical flux before soldering. This chemical substance needs to be removed by plasma after welding, otherwise it will cause corrosion and other problems.
4. Plasma de-glueing and bonding
Residues in the electroplating process, bonding, and welding work will weaken the excellent bonding, and this kind of residue can be selectively removed by the plasma method. In addition, air oxidation can also harm the quality of bonding, and plasma cleaning is also required.
What are the PTFE membranes activated by PTFE membrane plasma equipment? How is the process?
Three surface treatment methods to improve the adhesion of PTFE membranes have different characteristics and treatment effects. Today, we will focus on the activation treatment in the ptfe membrane plasma equipment.
The activation treatment of ptfe membrane plasma equipment can improve the adhesion of the PTFE membrane material surface. Which membranes can be treated with plasma equipment? So what is the whole activation process? Let us understand together.
Due to different applications and different material compositions, PTFE membranes can be divided into many different types, and which PTFE membranes can be processed by plasma equipment, this can also be said to be quite a lot, not to list them one by one, the following is PTFE Several typical materials of the membrane have been processed.
1. PTFE film with red pigment and glass fiber added;
2. PTFE film with graphite or carbon powder added.
3. The addition of ceramic powder PTFE film.
Since the above PTFE membrane is the addition or composite of other materials, it is necessary to adjust the corresponding process parameters during the activation process of the specific ptfe membrane plasma equipment. Therefore, different PTFE membranes and different treatment purposes often correspond to different process parameters, and the plasma surface treatment process has a certain flow. Let's take a certain proportion of ceramic powder into the PTFE membrane as an example to introduce to you.
The purpose of plasma surface activation of the ptfe membrane plasma equipment is to process the epoxy resin and PTFE membrane before pressing, and improve the adhesion with the epoxy resin.
Plasma surface activation process: Put the treated PTFE membrane into the vacuum chamber of the vacuum plasma surface treatment equipment, close the door and evacuate to 20-50Pa, and pass in a certain amount of process gas to maintain a certain degree of vacuum Perform plasma discharge, set the power and processing time, and then return the gas to break after the processing is completed, then open the door of the processed PTFEP tetrafluoroethylene membrane, and take out the processed PTFEP tetrafluoroethylene membrane.

In the detection of plasma activation effect, it can be reflected by changing the angle of the contact angle of water droplets. In addition, after 1000 hours of ultraviolet light aging test, the tensile value of the treated PTFE film reached 9N/cm or more, but the UV light aging test still did not peel off, the tensile value did not change much within the specified range, after the ptfe film plasma equipment plasma After surface activation, the bonding effect is qualified.

Wide plasma surface treatment machine (argon oxygen type)

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