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Atmospheric pressure plasma power supply


Optional multiple types of plasma spray guns and nozzles, used in different occasions, to meet a variety of different products and processing environments;
The device is small in size, easy to carry and move, saving customers' use space;
It can be installed in the customer's equipment production line in ln-Line style to reduce customer input costs;
Long service life, low maintenance and repair costs, convenient for customer cost control;


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Device details

Power supply


Jet type AP plasma processing system

Plasma power supply model


Rotary spray type plasma spray gun model

Rotary spray type:RXX(Option:20mm-80mm)




Power factor


Processing height


Handling wide format

Rotary jet type:20-80mm(Option)

Internal control mode

Digital control

External control mode

RS485/RS232、analog communication port, start-stop I/O

Working gas

Compressed Air (0.4mpa)/N2(0.2mpa)

Power supply weight


The following will tell you a few points that should be paid attention to when using all types of low-temperature plasma cleaning equipment:

Now, with the development of science and technology, the types of low-temperature plasma cleaning equipment are becoming more and more diverse. Operators should read and understand the instructions in detail before using them. Some low-temperature plasma equipment also require operators to receive induction training. With the development of science and technology, many low-temperature plasma equipment began to have a self-cleaning function, and the daily maintenance of the equipment became more concise.

In the experiment, when we want to clean the surface of various materials, such as cleaning activated corrosion deposition or polymerization, low-temperature plasma treatment equipment is a necessity, and as a high-precision equipment often used in laboratories, the price is naturally high. When using low-temperature plasma equipment, improper operation may cause damage to the equipment or affect the operating results. So today, Chengfengzhi came to talk to you about the precautions for the use of low-temperature plasma cleaning equipment.

1. When the low-temperature plasma cleaning equipment is in operation, the power requirement is a 220V AC frequency of 50HZ. The power supply should be connected and checked before turning on the equipment. After the equipment is running, it should emit a smooth running sound. And usually, the green indicator light is always on to show that the equipment is operating normally. If the yellow fault light is on, the operation must be stopped for a scheduled break inspection.

2. When using the low-temperature plasma cleaning equipment manufactured by Chengfeng Zhizhi, you should pay special attention to the red warning light. Usually the red light will always be on when there is a problem with the equipment operation or the jitter frequency is too fast. At this time, you should immediately press the reset button to observe Equipment, if the equipment is still abnormal, the operation of the equipment should be stopped, and then the troubleshooting should be carried out to avoid damage to the equipment.

3. Clean regularly when using low-temperature plasma cleaning equipment, and when cleaning, you must first disconnect the power supply, then open the vacuum chamber and electric control box, and pay attention to cleaning in accordance with the specifications required in the manual. In addition, now The vacuum chambers of many low-temperature plasma equipment are external ring-shaped electrical levels, so it is not prone to contamination in the cavity.

I hope that the above explanation can help everyone. Welcome everyone to consult and understand this aspect. If you need it, you can contact us.

Wide plasma surface treatment machine (argon oxygen type)

Shenzhen Chengfeng Zhi made plasma cleaning machine

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