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Chengfeng Zhizhi has the following suggestions for electrode maintenance of plasma vacuum cleaner equipment

Chengfeng Zhizhi has the following suggestions for electrode maintenance of plasma vacuum cleaner equipment:
Chengfeng Zhizao introduced to you the typical problems of unstable discharge, arcing, and gradual unsatisfactory product processing effects after the plasma vacuum cleaner equipment has been used for a period of time. This is largely due to electrode maintenance. Caused improperly. So, are there any tips to learn about electrode maintenance for plasma vacuum cleaner equipment? So, let's take a look at these suggestions made by Chengfeng Zhi.


Equipment electrode maintenance involves many aspects, and its importance is self-evident. It not only has the effect of plasma surface treatment products, but also prolongs the service life of plasma surface treatment equipment and improves the economic efficiency of the equipment. Therefore, when treating the electrode maintenance of plasma vacuum cleaner equipment, do not take it lightly, so in the daily maintenance process, you can start with the following aspects.
1. Each time the equipment is delivered, the corresponding electrode maintenance requirements will be introduced. In terms of the actual maintenance level, it is recommended that you make a separate electrode maintenance plan for plasma vacuum cleaner equipment according to your actual use. It can be divided into daily plan, weekly plan, monthly plan and annual plan.
2. On the plasma processing equipment before and after starting up every day, the electrodes can be wiped with absolute alcohol to ensure that the surface of the electrodes is clean without leaving any dead corners. In addition, regular and comprehensive inspections of the electrodes are mainly related to whether the electrode material is oxidized, whether the insulation strip is worn or the insulation effect is poor. It should be noted that this kind of inspection should not be too frequent, and it is sufficient to maintain an appropriate frequency, such as during the inspection. If problems are found, they can be replaced accordingly.
3. According to your actual use environment and process requirements, there may be a contamination layer on the electrode surface of the plasma vacuum cleaner, or other conditions that cannot be manually wiped to meet the cleaning requirements. At this time, the electrode needs to be taken out and professionally polished. If the situation is serious, the electrodes must be replaced.
Chengfeng Zhizao has focused on the research and development of plasma cleaning machines for 20 years. If you want to know more product details or have questions about the use of the equipment, please click on the Chengfeng Zhizao online customer service. We look forward to your call!

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