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Plasma surface treatment machine is suitable for cleaning plastic industrial materials that are not resistant to high te

Plasma surface treatment machine is suitable for cleaning plastic industrial materials that are not resistant to high temperature and solvents:
Plasma surface treatment machines are closely related to industrial cleaning and various industrial activities, and some of them are important links in the product production process. In many industrial production processes, cleaning is a partial process, process or auxiliary activity. For some traditional industries, cleaning has been considered a simple process and common sense. Often no one takes it seriously. But the quality of cleaning determines the performance and quality of the product. Especially in today's high-tech industries, the role of cleaning technology is more prominent.

In recent years, new cleaning technologies and equipment such as plasma surface treatment machine vacuum cleaning, plasma cleaning, ultraviolet/odor hydrogen cleaning, and laser cleaning have been developed. Such as dry ice cleaning, etc., showed good results and application prospects. At the same time, the overall level of the industry is constantly improving. No-clean technology has also begun to be promoted, especially in the electronics industry and precision machinery, plastic and rubber products and other fields. The cleaning equipment, cleaning agent and cleaning process required for Seiko cleaning.
Since polypropylene, PTFE and other plastic materials have no polarity, the printing, bonding, coating and other processes are very bad without surface treatment. Therefore, in industrial applications, some plastic products are not surface-treated. In the case of handling, there will be difficulties in bonding.
In some production processes, some chemical agents are used to treat the surface of these rubbers and plastics, which can change the adhesive effect, but this method is difficult to master. The chemical agent itself is toxic, the operation is cumbersome, and the cost is high. Chemical agents have an impact on the original excellent performance of rubber and plastic materials.
Plasma surface treatment machine uses plasma technology to perform surface treatment on these materials. Under the bombardment of high-speed and high-energy plasma, the structure surface of these materials can be widened, and at the same time, an active layer is formed on the surface of the material, so that rubber and plastic can be printed. , Bonding, coating and other operations. Plasma technology is used for surface treatment of rubber products. The operation is simple, no harmful substances are generated before and after the treatment, the treatment effect is good, the production efficiency is high, and the operating cost is low.
Plasma surface treatment machine uses plasma cleaning technology to process various materials regardless of the object to be processed, whether it is metal, semiconductor, oxide, or polymer materials (such as polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polytetrafluoroethylene, polyamide) Imine, polyester, epoxy resin and other polymers) can be cleaned by plasma. Therefore, it is especially suitable for materials that are not resistant to high temperatures and solvents. Partially selective cleaning of the entire, partial or complex structure of the material can also be carried out.

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