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Plasma treatment equipment is also often used in the production of micro-motors to improve product performance

Plasma treatment equipment is also often used in the production of micro-motors to improve product performance:
There are many types and specifications of micromotors. In order to ensure the accuracy and reliability of micromotors, and to meet the requirements for micromotors, it is usually necessary to introduce low-temperature plasma processing technology of plasma processing equipment.
Miniature precision motor is a kind of small power reducer. Miniature motors generally have output power above 50W, voltage below 24V, diameter below 38mm, small size, small capacity, and low output power, which is a significant feature of micro motors. Features: There are many varieties of micro motors, large specifications, and a wide range of market applications, involving industrial applications, human living environment and many other aspects. As long as there is a need, almost all micro motors can be seen. There are many processes required for the production of micro motors. , Including precision machinery, fine chemicals, micro processing, magnetic material processing, winding manufacturing, insulation processing and other process technologies. In order to ensure the accuracy and reliability of micro motors, plasma processing equipment and low temperature plasma processing technology are generally required to be introduced. Production of micro motors.
With the improvement of processing precision and reliability requirements of micro-special motors in industrial production, the cleaning and activation of plasma processing technology of low-temperature plasma processing equipment can play an important role in process improvement before the bonding and potting of materials. Ensure the high standards and quality stability of the products. For the magnetic steel in the micromotor, the plasma treatment technology of the plasma treatment equipment is required to clean the organic matter and particles on the surface and increase the adhesion of the surface.

A plasma treatment equipment was used to compare the drop angle before and after the magnetic steel was processed, and it was found that after the plasma treatment, the drop angle of the magnetic steel can be spread significantly on the surface of the material, and the drop angle is also significantly improved. It shows that the surface energy is increased and the hydrophilicity is increased. At this time, if the bonding is performed, the dripping angle is better than that of the untreated.
In the production and manufacturing of micromotors, plasma surface treatment machines are still widely used. For the production of micromotors, what other supplements you need to make, or what surface treatment problems you encounter in production, welcome to call and exchange.
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