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Plasma surface treatment equipment processing technology improves leather printing quality

Plasma surface treatment equipment processing technology improves leather printing quality:
Leather goods are products that look more fashionable, feel more comfortable, and can highlight quality. In fact, leather is widely used in the market, such as familiar leather furniture, such as leather sofas, leather chairs, etc.; leather bags, luggage Leather products such as daily necessities; leather cushions, steering wheel covers and other automotive decorative leathers, etc... Leather products are favored by market consumers due to their variety of colors, styles, and varieties. The annual market launch rate is also high, which can satisfy people’s aesthetic And the individual needs of use. In recent years, the entire tanning industry has also developed in a diversified and refined direction. Therefore, more processing techniques that combine different physical and chemical methods will be used in the tanning production process. Today, Chengfeng Zhizao will discuss with you the application of plasma surface treatment equipment processing technology in leather printing process.

At present, leather surface decoration technology is mainly divided into three types: leather screen printing, leather transfer printing, and leather electrostatic flocking. In order to strengthen the affinity and reliability of the printed pattern and ensure the yield of leather products, the surface treatment technologies usually used are: : Flame treatment, corona treatment, plasma surface treatment.
Using plasma surface treatment technology, the leather surface can be cleaned, activated, etched, etc., so that the leather surface is cleaner and more active, and at the same time, a slightly rough surface can be obtained, making the connecting materials and adhesives in the ink easier The ground penetrates into the leather surface to solidify the leather surface, thereby forming a mechanical anchoring effect, so that the plasma surface treatment technology has good impact resistance and corrosion resistance, and at the same time it will not cause any damage to the leather surface. It is an energy-saving, New surface treatment technology with environmental protection, high efficiency and low energy consumption.
Chengfeng Zhizao has focused on the research and development of plasma surface treatment equipment for 20 years. If you want to know more product details or have questions about the use of the equipment, please click on the Chengfeng Zhizao online customer service, waiting for your call!

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