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Plasma surface activation cleaning technology COG process for mounting bare chip IC on glass substrate (LCD)

Plasma surface activation cleaning technology COG process for mounting bare chip IC on glass substrate (LCD):
The application of plasma surface activation cleaning technology in the chip, IC, LCD, and mobile phone glass industries. Due to the existence of the protective film, the plasma will deform the protective film if the temperature is too high when processing the bonding surface.


In the production process of mobile phones, touch screens, notebook computer displays and other products, the display and the flexible film circuit are connected by hot pressing. That is, the flexible film circuit is directly attached to the LCD with wiring by heating and pressing. For dotted glass, this process requires the glass surface to be clean, but the surface of the glass is easily contaminated during the actual production, storage, and transportation. If it is not cleaned, fingerprints or dust will inevitably appear. The short circuit caused by these surface impurity particles will cause the LCD display segment to malfunction for a period of time, usually in the form of display missing or display disorder in the display. In addition, poor adhesion of thin-film circuits and glass due to low surface tension can also cause failures. The traditional method to solve this problem is to use cotton swabs and detergents to clean the glass of the LCD manually, but this treatment method will make the waste rate as high as 12% on average. Plasma surface activation cleaning technology cleans the surface of the LCD glass, removes impurity particles, improves the surface energy of the material, and makes the product yield an order of magnitude improvement. At the same time, because the jet plasma is electrically neutral, it will not damage the protective film, ITO film and polarizing filter during processing. The treatment process can be carried out "online" and does not require solvents, so it is more environmentally friendly.

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