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Introduction and advantages of three vacuum pump sets used in vacuum plasma cleaning equipment

Introduction and advantages of three vacuum pump sets used in vacuum plasma cleaning equipment:
In the case that the vacuum plasma cleaning equipment has a large cavity, the vacuum pump set needs to be carefully selected to ensure the vacuum speed. It is generally believed that the vacuum pump components of vacuum plasma cleaning equipment are divided into three categories, one is an oil pump set consisting of a rotary vane vacuum pump set and a roots pump set; the other is a combination of a dry screw vacuum pump set and a roots pump The third type is a special molecular pump group composed of mechanical pumps and molecular pumps. What are the advantages of the three types of pumps? What are the alternative considerations? Chengfeng Zhizao will introduce you one by one.
Oil pump set:
This pump set is a commonly used pump set in our vacuum plasma cleaning equipment. It is a combination of rotary vane vacuum pumps as the bottom pump and Roots pumps as the secondary pump. In vacuum plasma processing machines with low cleanliness requirements and large cavities, oil pumps are generally used. It has many advantages: First, it can greatly increase the pumping speed and reduce the pumping time; second, the structure is simpler, and the maintenance is more convenient; third, it is more cost-effective and has a price advantage.
Dry pump group:

The pump group is a pump group composed of a dry screw vacuum pump as the bottom pump and a Roots pump as the secondary pump. Since all are composed of dry vacuum pumps, no oil pollution occurs, and the cleanliness is slightly higher than that of oil pumps. Dry pumps are generally used in industries that have higher requirements for cleanliness, such as the biomedical, semiconductor, and aerospace industries.
As a high-performance pump set, the dry pump set has many advantages: one is high cleanliness, avoiding oil pollution; two, the vacuum is fast, which improves work efficiency; three is stable in performance and low noise; four pairs Low working environment requirements, able to cope with all kinds of harsh working environments.
Molecular pump combination:
The molecular pump set can be used to form a clean ultra-high vacuum environment. Therefore, the molecular pump set is generally used in equipment with high requirements for vacuum environment such as coating machines and etching machines. The molecular pump unit is so strong, so what are its advantages? First, the molecular pump set starts quickly and the pumping speed is extremely fast; second, the molecular pump set does not use oil and does not produce oil pollution; third, the maintenance is simple.
The above is the introduction, advantages and applicable working environment of the three vacuum pump sets used in vacuum plasma cleaning equipment. If you want to know more product details or have questions about the use of the equipment, please click on the online customer service of Chengfengzhi, Chengfengzhi We are waiting for your call!

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