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The progress of plasma spraying equipment air-plasma coating technology

The progress of plasma spraying equipment air-plasma coating technology:
The research on the characteristics of air-plasma sprayed coatings, the determination of adhesion and hardness, the research of coating structure, etc. Plasma spraying equipment is the starting point for the development of industrial equipment and processes. Metal and ceramic powders have certain characteristics of coatings obtained by air plasma spray equipment. Based on the general and special properties of plasma spraying equipment and spray coatings, various protective coating preparation processes have been successfully developed and have been applied to the repair of new parts and wear parts.

Air-plasma spraying wear-resistant coatings on the crankshaft journals of automobiles (refrigeration compressors). The spraying process is to degrease the cast iron scraps produced by turning or milling parts, crush them into powders and then sort them, and then spray them on the journal of the crankshaft of the refrigeration compressor. Machine tool parts (thimble sleeves, bearing mating surfaces), compression moulded components of thermoplastic products, sliding bearings of internal combustion engine turbocharger compressor shafts. The shaft of the wire drawing machine is sprayed with a wear-resistant coating. The surface strengthening technology of the gas main sealing device has developed a process for coating wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant coatings on the surface of the piston surface of the truck crane lift, the end surface sealing device of the water pump, and the surface of the connecting rod.
Air-plasma spraying equipment technology can even spray metal parts that are usually severely oxidized. The surface of the printer shaft is sprayed with copper coating; titanium human prosthetic hip joint with titanium powder spray coating; aluminum conductive layer sprayed on carbon fiber fabric; TTH-25 gas turbine parts sprayed with zirconium dioxide thermal insulation layer.
In order to improve the reliability of the operation of the welding equipment, together with 3AOHIφ HTC, a ceramic insulating layer was sprayed on the welding torch nozzle of a semi-automatic welding machine based on alumina, zirconia or chromium oxide, and achieved good results. Air-arc plasma spraying equipment with thermochemical cathode and inter-electrode inserts, power up to 40 kW, can spray metals (from fusible materials such as stannous solder and barbie alloys to refractory alloys) and non-metals (from poly Coatings from polymer materials such as ethylene and fluoroplastics to glass and ceramics.

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