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Plasma surface treatment machine processing system solutions improve the surface wettability of materials

Plasma surface treatment machine processing system solutions improve the surface wettability of materials:
Plasma surface treatment machine to improve the wetting performance of polymer materials, rubber, metal, glass, ceramics, etc. Change the molecules of the hard-to-stick material to make it have better adhesion performance without damaging the surface. Plasma technology is very suitable for three-dimensional plastic products, films, rubber profiles, coated cardboard, foam, solid materials and other thick material sheets. It is suitable for industrial fields such as medical treatment, automobile, packaging, FPC, mobile phone and polymer film.
In general, foam, glass, plastic sheets and corrugated materials have poor wettability and need to be treated by a plasma surface treatment machine. The general uses are as follows:
1. Plastic products generally need to be surface treated before they can be used.
2. The hydrophobicity of the glass surface makes it difficult to bond.
3. Many materials need to be micro-processed before coating, printing or coating.
Due to its material composition and uneven surface, anti-corrugated plastic board and wall board post-processing applications. Through mature technology, the plasma processing system can achieve high-performance and high-efficiency production, because our plasma system increases the combination of ink, paint and adhesive with the substrate. The plastic plasma cleaning machine is specially designed for processing plastic sheets up to the thickness. It is suitable for production line or manual processing station, simple operation, reasonable formula, and generates a large amount of plasma to increase the surface active treatment effect, thereby forming a firm bond between the substrate, ink, laminate, paint and adhesive. This system can be set before printing or lamination, or it can be used as a separate manual system. The built-in sensor that travels through the high-energy corona field automatically tells the system when to proceed. Process control interface, surface treatment is uniform, reliable and repeatable. Now, two different types of special plasma treatment systems have been developed, namely atmospheric plasma treatment systems and vacuum plasma treatment systems, which are used for surface treatments with a thickness of 2 meters, such as flat plates, glass, extruded hollow plates, foam, honeycomb materials and Printed electronics. The linear plasma system can be configured to produce a potential-free process to prevent damage to fine substrates and embedded circuits. Provide customers with real, economical, efficient, plasma surface treatment and other plasma surface treatment system solutions.

If it is necessary to bond plastic materials to metal or other plastics, print or coat them on the surface of plastic, silicone, rubber, glass or composite materials, the successful result depends on the degree of surface adhesion. The plasma surface treatment machine changes the surface (invisible to the human eye) and improves bonding in many applications. The bonding strength depends on a special property of surface energy or tension.

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