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High-efficiency surface cleaning and industry application of low-temperature wide-width plasma cleaning machine

High-efficiency surface cleaning and industry application of low-temperature wide-width plasma cleaning machine:
Plasma pretreatment and cleaning have created ideal surface conditions for subsequent coating operations of plastics, aluminum and even glass. Low-temperature wide-width plasma surface treatment technology can be matched with a variety of different subsequent processing processes, among which typical subsequent processing includes printing, bonding, and coating. The low-temperature wide-width plasma machine is almost suitable for industrial applications in various fields. It can provide subsequent bonding, coating, and pre-printing treatments for different materials or composite materials, so that two different materials can be effectively and reliably combined.

Since the low-temperature wide-width plasma cleaning machine is a "dry" cleaning process, the material can immediately enter the next processing process after processing, so plasma cleaning is a stable and efficient process. Due to the high energy of the plasma, the chemical substances or organic pollutants on the surface of the material can be decomposed, and all impurities that may interfere with adhesion are effectively removed, so that the surface of the material can reach the optimal conditions required by the subsequent coating process. Use plasma technology to clean the surface in accordance with the requirements of the process, no mechanical damage to the surface, no chemical solvents, a completely green process, release agents, additives, plasticizers or other surface pollution composed of hydrocarbons can be removed . Specializing in the surface treatment of UV OPP PP PET gold and silver cards before gluing, film-coated cartons or cartons, after being processed by a low-temperature wide-format plasma machine, it can increase the firmness of the paste box and get rid of the trouble of opening glue. It can also reduce the amount of glue used, effectively reducing costs. The surface screen printing of plastic, glass, metal, and other composite materials, pretreatment by a low-temperature wide-format plasma cleaning machine before pad printing, can improve the adsorption and penetration of ink on the surface of the material. IC card   label, container for daily chemicals. Plasma pretreatment before wire coding improves ink adsorption.
Surface cleaning by plasma can remove fine dust particles that are tightly attached to the plastic surface. Through a series of reactions and interactions, the plasma can completely remove these dust particles from the surface of the object. This can greatly reduce the scrap rate of high-quality coating operations, such as those in the automotive industry. Through a series of physical and chemical actions at the micro level, the surface cleaning effect of plasma can obtain fine and high-quality surfaces. Pretreatment before bonding plastic and plastic, rubber, metal, glass, etc., can improve the bonding performance of the surface. Pre-treatment of plastic shells such as mobile phones, computer toys, etc. before spraying paint to improve the adhesion of the paint and prevent the paint from falling off. In the production process of the main household appliances for daily use, the coating, bonding and other processes use plasma pretreatment to improve the processing performance of the material surface, improve the quality of bonding and coating, and the effect of the low-temperature wide-width plasma cleaning machine to make solvent cleaning No longer needed, that is, environmental protection and save a lot of washing and drying time. The pretreatment process of EPDM strip before spraying lubricating coating or flocking glue, with the help of plasma technology, the pretreatment process of the strip becomes more stable and efficient, and there is no wear. Car lamp bonding, brake pads, wipers, engine controller covers, car meters, car bumpers, etc. can all use plasma surface treatment to clean and activate the surface of the parts, and enhance the adhesion and adsorption of the surface.

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