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Is there any difference between the treatment of the shaping mirror plasma cleaning machine and the treatment of the liquid treatment:
In recent years, orthokeratology lenses are also called hard lenses, which have been promoted and applied, so what is the difference between the treatment of lens care solution and plasma cleaning machine?

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Hard lenses have better oxygen permeability, wettability and anti-settling properties than soft lenses. The number of clinical applications has been increasing in recent years. Due to the prolonged use of the lens, the oil secreted by the plate glands increases, the protein content in the tear fluid increases, the rejection reaction of the glasses and many other factors, the surface of the lens will produce certain impurities, forming lipid deposits, protein deposits, biofilm deposits, etc. The oxygen permeability, transparency and wearing comfort of the lens are reduced, there is a foreign body sensation, and it feels obvious discomfort, and even worse, it can cause eye infection and inflammation. Therefore, lens care is very necessary, but what is the difference between the care method of the care solution and the care method of the plasma cleaner?
Ordinary hard lens care is to wash, soak, and rub with a surfactant-containing care agent to remove some impurities and deposits attached to the lens surface. However, the plasma cleaning machine is used to perform low-temperature plasma pretreatment during the production process of the orthokeratology lens to realize the surface cleaning, modification and coating of the lens, improve the hydrophilicity of the lens, improve the anti-fouling ability, and reduce The adhesion of impurities and deposits fundamentally ensures the safe use of the lens.
Therefore, you can regard the care solution care as the daily care of the lens, and the low temperature plasma cleaning machine is a means to fundamentally improve the product quality and prolong the service life in the manufacturing process. In the next article, sincere Fengzhizao will also introduce the processing technology and processing advantages of the plasma cleaner, so stay tuned.
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