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The plasma cleaner manufacturer introduces the difference between magnetic binding fusion and inertial binding plasma

The plasma cleaner manufacturer introduces the difference between magnetic binding fusion and inertial binding plasma:
The thermonuclear fusion experimental device and the plasma in the future thermonuclear fusion reactor are both used for plasma research. The purpose is to complete the development and utilization of controlled thermonuclear fusion energy, so it is also called fusion plasma. Among them, high-temperature plasma includes magnetic binding and inertial binding. Next, Chengfeng Zhizhi plasma cleaning machine manufacturer will introduce you to the difference between the two.


       Magnetic binding fusion uses a strong magnetic field to form magnetic bottles with different configurations to bind high-temperature plasma, and heat it to the thermonuclear fusion temperature by heating methods such as neutral particle beam, radio frequency and microwave, and then complete the self-made thermonuclear fusion reaction.
In the past ten years, the internal and boundary transport barriers of various tokamak devices have completed various improved plasma bundling operation modes, making certain areas and transport channels (mainly ion thermal transport) The transport coefficient of has dropped to the level predicted by neoclassical theory.
The triple product of fusion has reached or nearly reached the gain and loss equivalent conditions of the deuterium-tritium thermonuclear fusion reaction, and is less than an order of magnitude different from the ignition conditions of the deuterium-tritium fusion, indicating that Tokamak has developed plasma physics and fusion reactor integration technology Ability to research. The thermonuclear fusion experimental reactor (ITER) built by the company will become an important test facility for this research.
Inertial bundling fusion refers to the use of energy provided by high-energy lasers, heavy ion beams, or Z-pinch drives, etc., through implosion and heating of the fuel target, making it into high-temperature high-density plasma processor plasma, using its own inertial bundling Itself, and complete the thermonuclear fusion combustion process before the fuel is scattered. In the past 30 years, the research of target science has made significant progress in this field.
The above is the introduction of the manufacturer of Chengfeng Zhizhi plasma cleaning machine. I hope you will like it. Pay attention to the WeChat official account of Chengfeng Zhizhi. More surprises are waiting for you to discover.

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