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Do you know the three electrode structures of the small vacuum plasma cleaning machine

Do you know the three electrode structures of the small vacuum plasma cleaning machine:
For a small vacuum plasma cleaning machine, the design of the electrode structure is very important. When designing the electrode structure, it is necessary to fully consider factors such as the shape and size of the processed material, the placement form and capacity requirements, the nature of the product and the material, and the different processing purposes to make the structure more reasonable. The following introduces the electrode structure of three small vacuum plasma cleaners, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
The electrode structure of the vehicle-mounted bracket-type small vacuum plasma cleaning machine:

The said car bracket actually uses the metal trolley directly as an electrode. The main solution is the placement and handling of large items, especially products or materials with larger specifications, such as engine bearings, which are also heavier in weight. It is more convenient and safer to use a trolley for transportation. Such an electrode structure is also a challenge to whether the plasma discharges uniformly.
The electrode structure of the columnar small vacuum plasma cleaning machine:
The disadvantage of the flat vertical electrode is that when the area of the product or material between the two electrodes is large, and there are no holes or gaps on the top, the plasma cannot form a good exchange circuit, and the surface treatment effect will be reduced. When using columnar vertical cylindrical electrodes, the plasma discharge will be concentrated around each electrode, and there will be no obstruction, and the treatment effect will be greatly improved.
The electrode structure of the small-volume vacuum plasma cleaner:
It is obviously difficult to process film and coil products or materials with ordinary plasma cleaners, so there is equipment for rewinding and unwinding plus plasma treatment. Its electrode structure is horizontal and cylindrical, and is equipped with a discharge and control system. The difficulty lies in the uniformity of the plasma discharge, and the control of material winding and unwinding.
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