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Semiconductor pcb plasma cleaning equipment can be used for various appearance PCB circuit board application processing

Semiconductor pcb plasma cleaning equipment can be used for various appearance PCB circuit board application processing:
Various special-shaped PCB circuit boards can be cleaned with plasma series products, and the use of pcb plasma cleaning equipment can increase the bonding strength and surface activation. The pcb plasma cleaning equipment can change the dyne value and contact angle during the pre-processing of the PCB to achieve the desired effect.
The vacuum pcb plasma cleaning equipment uses a vacuum chamber to make the tape and the PCB circuit board skeleton area have no conductive conduction channel. The ring material is made of insulating material, and the conductive path between aluminum plasma and aluminum is limited to the PCB circuit board area. There is a gap of 2mm between the toroidal belt and the structural sheet. Because there is no plasma generated or present on the bottom of the wafer and tape, there will be undercuts and layered structures on the surface of the wafer without sputtering or tape deposition. In this way, reduce the gap between the ring edge and the lower electrode, and then get an expansion area of 2mm or less, so that you can get a secondary plasma like other systems instead of a primary plasma.

Persistent coatings improve the adhesion of persistent coatings, and it is usually difficult to provide adequate protection for certain materials that meet strict environmental requirements (such as TPU). The pcb plasma cleaning equipment technology improves the surface wettability, and improves the bonding performance of the conformal coating with the high-performance weld mask data and other difficult-to-bond substrates. In addition, after selecting PCB plasma cleaning equipment to process PCB, the activity of the conformal coating material is improved. Other conformal layer adhesion challenges include contaminants such as mold release compounds and residual flux. Plasma treatment is an effective way to clean circuit boards, it can remove contaminants without damaging the substrate. A plasma processing system that provides a single-stage plasma processing capability-including etchback and removal-30 panels per cycle (panel size 500x813mm/20x32 inches), 200 units/hour in the manufacture of flexible electronic PCBs and substrates speed.
Semiconductor plasma cleaning equipment is used for PCB circuit board processing and is ideal for wafer-level and 3D packaging. The use of plasma includes dust removal, ashing/photoresist/polymer stripping, dielectric etching, wafer bumping, organic removal, and wafer demolding.
Semiconductor plasma cleaning equipment is a typical back-end packaging process before wafer processing. It is an ideal choice for wafer fan-out, wafer-level packaging, 3D packaging, flip chip and traditional packaging. The cavity planning and operation structure can achieve shorter plasma cycle time and low overhead, which can ensure the output of your production plan and reduce costs. Semiconductor plasma cleaning equipment supports automatic processing and processing of round or square wafers/substrates with a diameter of 75mm to 300mm. In addition, according to the thickness of the wafer, sheet processing with or without a carrier can be used. The plasma chamber design has excellent etching uniformity and process repeatability. The use of plasma surface treatment mainly includes various processes such as etching, ashing, and dust removal. Other plasma treatments include decontamination, surface roughening, increased moisture, enhanced adhesion and bond strength, photoresist/polymer stripping, dielectric corrosion, wafer bumping, organic removal, and wafer demolding. Plasma panel cleaning-Before the plasma panel is wiped, the plasma panel will remove pollutants, organic pollutants, halogen pollutants such as fluorine, metals and metal oxides. Plasma can also increase the adhesion of the film and clean the metal bonding pads.
The plasma system of semiconductor plasma cleaning equipment removes the plasma system in the silicon wafer, which is used to redistribute, peel/etch the pattern dielectric layer of the optical resist, enhance the adhesion of the wafer usage data, and remove the mold/epoxy applied to the excess wafer Resin strengthens the adhesion of gold solder bumps, degrades the chip, improves the adhesion of the coating, and cleans the aluminum bonding pad.

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