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Socket mobile phone panel plasma cleaning machine surface activation cleaning treatment

Socket mobile phone panel plasma cleaning machine surface activation cleaning treatment:
The current socket mobile phone panel, touch screen, LCD screen, and LCD TV screen have high requirements on the production process, because the plastic parts must be cleaned with a highly transparent anti-scratch and anti-static coating before bonding and assembling. In addition, the electronics industry needs in-line surface treatment technology with high reliability, high product qualification rate, and high cleaning efficiency.

The ultra-fine plasma cleaning machine plasma activation treatment of Chengfeng Zhizhi Technology provides an effective solution for the socket mobile phone panel industry. Before anti-static and anti-scratch spraying on automatic spraying equipment, the plastic window should be plasma cleaned. Using the plasma technology of Chengfeng Zhizao Technology can improve the surface energy of the material and make the coating distribution more uniform, which not only creates an impeccable product appearance, but also greatly reduces the failure rate in the production process.
1. The technical value of plasma surface activation cleaning:
No emissions, it is a green and environmentally friendly process mode;
Compared with wet chemical process, it is a more easily controlled physicochemical process;
Higher quality coating and bonding, lower defective rate;
At the same time, it is suitable for local or overall large area;
Significantly simplifies the process;
Surface activation and cleaning treatment of socket mobile phone panel plasma cleaning machine, hot stamping, surface adhesion activation treatment before screen printing.
2. The main functions and advantages of Chengfeng Zhizhi plasma cleaning machine.
Plasma surface treatment products are mass-produced, exempt from import tax, and the price is lower than similar products in the same industry.
German plasma surface processor technology is well known in the world, our company's plasma surface processor is developed on the basis of Germany. Through many tests, the product advantage is obviously higher than that of German machinery.
Launched the three-guarantee service for the plasma surface processor of the plasma cleaning machine, with a warranty period of up to one year, and promised that the engineer will repair any problems on site. If it cannot be repaired on the spot, it can be replaced with a new one for free. Try this machine for free, try this machine for a week, and buy it when you're satisfied.

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