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Chengfeng Zhizhuang vacuum plasma machine introduces you the type and structure of plasma processing chambe

Chengfeng Zhizhuang vacuum plasma machine introduces you the type and structure of plasma processing chamber:
Previously introduced the basic principles, typical models and influencing factors of the PEF plasma treatment device, and pointed out that the performance of the PEF plasma has a great influence on the treatment effect. Then, it focuses on the main types and structures of the PEF vacuum plasma machine cavity. Judging from the current types of processing chambers, there are three commonly used processing chambers: flat plate, coaxial and same field.

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The chamber of the vacuum plasma machine in the early stage mainly uses a flat-plate processing chamber, which is often used for intermittent operation. The sample is placed in the processing chamber in advance, and then PEF plasma processing is performed. This processing method is generally mainly used for theoretical research on a small amount of expensive samples. The processing chamber gradually developed into flow processing, that is, the processed sample enters the processing chamber through the feed pump, and then undergoes PEF plasma pulse processing, and then flows out of the processing chamber; in the processing process, the processed sample enters and exits the processing chamber and the PEF plasma treatment is completed in one step . This method is mainly used for the industrial application of PEF vacuum plasma machine plasma, and it is also the main processing method adopted by the current research institute.
For the structure of the processing chamber of the PEF vacuum plasma machine, corrosion-resistant stainless steel electrodes and PTFE shells, as well as carbon electrodes and ceramic shells, are usually used, but their corrosion resistance is still unclear; secondly, the design of the processing chamber must also Meet the requirements of high-voltage insulation. In addition, the structural design of the processing chamber should fully consider the electric field distribution, as well as the distribution of the sample fluid field and temperature field.
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