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Plasma treatment equipment plasma surface treatment can be applied to automotive sensors

Plasma treatment equipment plasma surface treatment can be applied to automotive sensors:
The vehicle electrical control system is composed of hundreds of electronic components and parts. Automotive sensors are also one of them. Does the automotive sensor require plasma surface treatment with plasma processing equipment? Does plasma treatment contribute to quality improvement? Let's take a look at it together.
The sensor of the vehicle is like the nerve endings of the vehicle. It can transmit all the information of the vehicle operation, such as speed, temperature, engine working status, etc., to the computer system of the vehicle at a time. If deviations or malfunctions are found, it will give an alarm in time to ensure the vehicle Safe operation. How important is the sensor of the car? What exactly does the plasma treatment of the sensor in the car do? A simple analysis for you.

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According to different functions, automotive sensors can be divided into water temperature sensors, odometers, air flow sensors, ABS sensors, airbags, speed sensors, etc. Each sensor is like a sentinel, performing its duties. If a problem is found, it will be reported to the computer system in time to warn that it is not working properly or stop working, which shows the importance of car sensors!
The working environment of vehicle sensors is different, but the requirements for reliability and stability are the same. The production and processing of vehicle sensors often uses a filling process, that is, the assembled circuit board is sealed in a plastic or metal container. In order to ensure the quality of the seals, plasma treatment equipment is usually used for surface treatment before sealing. Usually, a layer of primer is applied first, and then the glue is poured. However, due to environmental protection, cost pressure and higher quality requirements, traditional pretreatment methods have their limitations.
The plasma treatment equipment cleaning process is used to remove invisible mold release agents, organic and inorganic substances on the surface, while activating the surface of the material to increase the infiltration effect and improve the quality of the potting. The car sensor shell is made of PPS material. The untreated surface of the plasma treatment equipment is hydrophobic. After cleaning with the plasma treatment equipment, it has stronger hydrophilicity and the water droplets diffuse.
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