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Three pressure adjustment methods of plasma plasma remover Chengfeng Zhizao teaches you how to operate in seconds

Three pressure adjustment methods of  plasma remover Chengfeng Zhizao teaches you how to operate in seconds:
The common compressed gases in the industry mainly include compressed air (CDA) and bottled compressed gases. These compressed gases will be decompressed and stabilized according to actual use requirements during use. Then, the gas pressure of plasma plasma degumming machine What are the ways.
The compressor is also known as the "second power source" and is a multi-purpose process gas source; the bottled compressed gas used in industry is usually contained in a controlled gas cylinder, and the gas pressure is generally 13-15 MPa. The advantages are space saving, safety and convenient transportation. There are also some tips on how to adjust the gas pressure and how to use the plasma plasma remover. Controlling the air pressure is very important to the normal operation of the plasma plasma remover. The common gas pressure reduction methods include cylinder pressure reducing valves, pneumatic pressure regulating valves and pipeline throttle valves.


Gas cylinder decompressor: A gas cylinder decompressor is a device that converts high-pressure gas in a gas cylinder into low-pressure gas. Most of the process gas used by plasma plasma remover is bottled high-pressure gas. In order to ensure the process stability and the working stability of each gas circuit component, the high-pressure gas is usually reduced to 0.2~0.4MPa by a gas cylinder pressure reducer. It is necessary to ensure that the gas cylinder is connected to the pressure reducer and the pressure reducer connected to the gas pipe in use, and the raw material tape must be used as the sealing medium, and the pressure reducer must be installed on the screw port of the gas cylinder. The output interface of the pressure reducing valve is recommended to choose 3/8 standard interface, and replace the original tower quick-turn joint or double ferrule joint for convenience to ensure the seal between the process gas output pipe and the gas interface of the plasma cleaner.
If the industrial gas used is argon, oxygen decompression is recommended. Since the output pressure of the argon pressure reducer is generally 0.15 MPa, for example, a bottle of gas has two or more plasma plasma removers, and the output pressure cannot meet the requirements of use, and it is easy to cause an equipment under-pressure alarm.
Pneumatic regulating valve: The pressure regulating valve is an important component of pneumatic control. Its function is to control the external compressed gas under the required working pressure and maintain the stability of pressure and flow. Regardless of whether it is a vacuum plasma plasma remover or an atmospheric plasma plasma remover, a pneumatic pressure regulating valve is installed when the air is in the air. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the gas, a gas filter assembly can be installed during use. In order to check the gas pressure easily, the pressure gauge can be installed on the pressure regulating valve or a pressure regulating valve with a pressure gauge can be selected. If you need to provide an under-pressure alarm, you can also choose a pressure gauge with an alarm output function, or add a pressure switch.
Pipeline throttle valve: In the atmospheric plasma plasma remover, a pipeline throttle valve is often used, and its pressure regulating needle valve adjusts the size of the vent to achieve pressure and flow control. Generally, pipeline throttle valves are mostly fast-plugged and small in size. The process gas used by the atmospheric plasma cleaning machine is clean compressed air after purification, and the pressure stability is much lower than that of vacuum plasma. Therefore, partial cleaning of atmospheric plasma will directly install a pipeline throttle valve in the gas path. Realize air pressure and flow control. Similarly, if the pressure needs to be monitored in real time, a pressure gauge can be added to the gas circuit, and there are devices such as an alarm output pressure gauge and a pressure switch.
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