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What is the quality of American plasma cleaning machine brands, and what are the brands and price

What is the quality of American plasma cleaning machine brands, and what are the brands and price:
Speaking of plasma cleaner equipment, some American plasma cleaner brands have imported technology research and development levels that have reached a relatively high level, and the surface treatment technology of plasma cleaners is also relatively complete. When purchasing equipment, is it reliable to choose American plasma cleaner equipment? How is the quality of the equipment? What brand? How much?

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All in all, American plasma cleaner manufacturers have been deeply involved in military, semiconductor, precision electronics, new materials, automobile manufacturing and other industries for a long time. The industry has a deep accumulation. Therefore, American brand plasma cleaners are also the equipment supply for many precision electronics, semiconductor and circuit board industries at home and abroad. In the field of PCB/FPC processing, American brands occupy a large market share.
From the perspective of brand and price, the typical American plasma cleaner brands are March (Nuo Xin), PE, Harrick, etc., and the overall equipment prices are at the upper-middle level. In recent years, the development trend of plasma cleaners in the United States has shown that there has been a trend of product assembly in China, and due to cost pressure, some core equipment and components have begun to seek alternatives.
From the perspective of the sales channels of plasma processing equipment, most of the plasma cleaning equipment in the United States are mainly agents, and the major customers are mainly agents. The after-sales service of the products is generally entrusted to a third party. In addition, the United States plasma cleaning The delivery time of machine and equipment is generally relatively long, and special attention should be paid if the delivery time is required.

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