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How does the alternating electric field of the plasma cleaner affect the discharge and surface treatment effects

How does the alternating electric field of the plasma cleaner affect the discharge and surface treatment effects:
In the process of changing the electric field generated by the plasma cleaner, the frequency of the electric field and the electrode spacing have an important influence on the plasma discharge phenomenon and affect the effect of the plasma surface treatment. What is the relationship between the two, in order to avoid the electric field The effect of frequency on the discharge of the plasma cleaning machine, within a quarter of a cycle, the charged particles between the electrodes can reach the electrodes completely, thereby avoiding the generation of charges in the gap; therefore, when the gap is given, the The frequency of the alternating electric field at the fixed gap should be limited, otherwise the discharge process will be affected by the charge in the gap. First, consider the movement of positive ions between the plates, and then the corresponding distance and frequency between the electrodes can be calculated.

Based on the influence of space charge, it can be divided into three situations: when there is no space charge accumulation, the breakdown conditions are similar to static charge; when part of the space charge exists, the breakdown voltage is slightly lower than the static charge; when the space charge increases, the ion space charge It will oscillate between the poles, and the breakdown voltage is lower than the static charge. For an atmospheric piezoelectric field with a distance between electrodes of 1 cm, the relationship between the alternating electric field breakdown voltage of the plasma cleaner and the electrostatic breakdown electric field frequency is very complicated.
Under the condition of an alternating magnetic field, the relationship between the breakdown voltage and the pressure of the plasma cleaner is also different from that of static electricity. Now, the method of generating plasma by alternating electric field has been widely used in industrial applications and research fields. For example, intermediate frequency power supply, low-pressure radio frequency power supply and microwave source for low-temperature plasma discharge.
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