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Introduction to the principle and typical model of PEF plasma treatment of the plasma cleaning machine made by Chengfeng

Introduction to the principle and typical model of PEF plasma treatment of the plasma cleaning machine made by Chengfeng Zhizhi:
The plasma method is based on the biological effects of high-voltage pulsed electric fields and uses high-voltage technology to solve outstanding problems in the food processing field. It is the intersection of high-voltage technology, biotechnology, and food. Therefore, what are the characteristics of the PEF plasma treatment technology of the plasma cleaner? The basic principles and typical models will be introduced below. Chengfeng Zhizhi Plasma Cleaning Machine will introduce to you.


1. The basic principle of plasma cleaning machine PEF plasma treatment.
Plasma has a good sterilization effect, but the research on its sterilization mechanism is not thorough enough, and the research on the sterilization mechanism is still immature. At present, it is believed that the effect of PEF is mainly focused on the effect of pulsed electric field on cell membrane structure. Its formation process mainly includes transmembrane potential, cell membrane polarization and cell membrane breakdown. When the cell is subjected to an external electric field, it will produce a potential difference on both sides of the cell, that is, the transmembrane potential. Its amplitude formula is TMP=κ·E·rcos(∮). Among them, r is the outer diameter of the cell; E is the intensity of the applied electric field; k is the shape parameter (determined by the cell shape, for spherical cells k=1.5); ∮ is the angle between the electric field and the selected cell symmetry axis. The current sterilization mechanism of PEF The mainstream view of the hypothesis is the disintegration model and the electroporation model.
2. PEF plasma treatment ionization model of plasma cleaner:
This model regards the cell membrane of microorganisms as a capacitor filled with electrolyte. Under the condition of no electric field, the potential difference between the two sides of the cell membrane is very small, and under the action of the electric field, the transmembrane potential difference will be formed on both sides of the cell membrane, and the transmembrane potential difference has a positive correlation with the electric field strength and the cell diameter. With the increase of the electric field intensity, the transmembrane potential difference increases and the cell membrane thickness decreases; with the increase of the critical disintegration potential difference, the cell membrane begins to disintegrate, and holes appear in the cell membrane. The shorter the electrolysis time, the smaller the hole area. After the hole is removed, the hole will be smaller. The cell membrane will disappear under the action of a longer than the critical electric field strength for a long time, and the cell membrane will disintegrate on a large scale, reversing the original reversible disintegration into an irreversible state. This leads to cell death.
3. The plasma cleaning machine PEF plasma treatment electroporation model:
Using a high-voltage pulsed electric field, the phospholipids and proteins on the microbial cell membrane become temporarily unstable, compressed to form small pores, and the permeability increases. Small molecules, such as water or other ions, enter the cell through the cell membrane, causing the cell volume to expand and causing the cell membrane to rupture. Intracellular material leaks out and cell death.
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