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Analysis of two-dimensional or three-dimensional fluid-based atmospheric discharge simulation of atmospheric plasma trea

Analysis of two-dimensional or three-dimensional fluid-based atmospheric discharge simulation of atmospheric plasma treatment equipment:
Compared with the low-pressure environment, the atmospheric pressure fluid model needs to consider more types of particles. Generally, there are several continuity equations involving particle generation and disappearance. When discussing the generation of activated particles, there may be more than 20 types. There may be hundreds of reactions involved in the source term. Such calculations can be used to simulate fluids under atmospheric pressure. In the next step, we will discuss with you the analysis and research of plasma numerical simulation in atmospheric plasma processing equipment.
From the volt-ampere characteristic curve of the atmospheric pressure radio frequency helium-oxygen discharge, it can be seen that in the simulation process of the atmospheric pressure radio frequency helium-oxygen discharge, more than ten kinds of particles and dozens of main plasma chemical reactions have been counted. In addition, it needs to be pointed out that under atmospheric pressure discharge conditions, charged particles, short-lived active particles, and long-lived active particles correspond to different time scales, namely sub-nanoseconds to seconds or even minutes.

This atmospheric plasma processing equipment introduces how to describe various active particles with high precision, not only to capture the rapid evolution of particles with short life cycles, but also to capture the reactions and motions of particles with long life cycles, as well as between particles at different time scales. The interaction can also be well reflected. These all put forward new requirements for fluid simulation, and are also problems to be solved urgently in atmospheric pressure gas fluid simulation.
At the same time, because the discharge electrode of atmospheric plasma treatment equipment is easily transformed from a large-volume uniform discharge to a concentrated discharge or a filamentary discharge, reproducing and explaining this transformation, so as to avoid this transformation, has become an important issue in actual numerical simulation research. It is necessary to carry out numerical simulation research in two-dimensional or even three-dimensional space. With the help of high-efficiency algorithms, two-dimensional or three-dimensional fluid-based atmospheric pressure discharge simulation is currently achievable, which is also a major advantage of fluid simulation.
The two-dimensional simulation used to simulate the radial evolution of the dielectric barrier under atmospheric plasma processing equipment. Naturally, due to the large discharge intensity, the multi-scale problems and calculation stability problems in the simulation of gas discharge fluid under atmospheric pressure are more prominent than the discharge problems under low pressure. .
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