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Introduction to three commonly used sensors for vacuum door closing of plasma surface cleaning equipment

Introduction to three commonly used sensors for vacuum door closing of plasma surface cleaning equipment:
The plasma surface cleaning equipment is equipped with sensors and sensing devices for various purposes, and the vacuum door of the plasma surface cleaning equipment is automatically detected by means of sensors. There are currently three types of sensors for this purpose on the market, namely inductive proximity sensors, Micro switch sensor and photoelectric sensor. Are you currently using one of these products? Below, Chengfeng Zhizao introduces the advantages of these three sensors.

1. Proximity type inductive sensor:

The inductive proximity sensor is a commonly used sensor. Its working principle is to detect the magnetic loss caused by the eddy current on the surface of the conductor through the influence of the external magnetic field. A method to detect the impedance change caused by the AC magnetic field in the detection coil and the eddy current generated by the detection metal body. Inductive proximity sensors have the advantages of accurate positioning, rapid response, and long service life. At this stage, most real plasma surface cleaning equipment use this sensor.
2. Micro switch:
A micro switch is a mechanical sensor. It uses the mechanical force generated by the traditional physical contact to move to the action reed through the transmission part, so that the moving contact at the end of the action reed is quickly connected or disconnected from the set contact. So as to realize the sensing of the object. The vacuum door is in contact with the micro switch to sense the position of the vacuum door of the plasma surface cleaning equipment, so that the system can determine whether the vacuum door is closed.
There are many advantages of using microswitches for plasma surface treatment:
First, the micro switch has a simple structure, small size and convenient installation;
The second is that the micro switch has strong adaptability and can work normally in harsh environments without being affected by the surrounding environment;
Compared with other sensors, micro switches have a price advantage.
3. Photoelectric sensor:
The photoelectric sensor is a component that converts light signals into electrical signals. It is based on the photoelectric effect. The light effect means that when a substance is irradiated by a kind of light, its electrons absorb the energy of the photon and the corresponding electric effect occurs. In short, control is achieved by sensing changes in light. When the vacuum door is opened, the photoelectric sensor senses the change of light to send out a signal, and the system of the vacuum plasma surface treatment device will judge whether the vacuum door is closed or not.
The use of photoelectric sensors for plasma surface cleaning equipment has many advantages:
The photoelectric sensor adopts a non-contact detection method, does not need to contact the measured object, will not cause damage to the measured object and the sensor, and can be used for a long time;
The response time is short, the light itself is fast, and the sensor circuit is all composed of electronic components, so there is no mechanical working time;
Secondly, there is less restriction on the detection object. Because the shading reflection generated by the detection object is used as the detection principle, it can detect almost all materials such as metal, glass, plastic, wood, etc., so if you need to use vacuum plasma surface treatment equipment in the future The vacuum door is changed to a non-metallic material, and it is a good choice to use a photoelectric sensor for detection!
The introduction and advantages of the above three sensors enable the vacuum plasma surface cleaning equipment to realize the automatic detection of the vacuum door. If you want to know the details of the product or have questions about the use of the equipment, please click on the online customer service of Chengfengzhizhi, Chengfengzhi We are waiting for your call!
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