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What are the structural characteristics of the plasma of the radio frequency plasma cleaner

What are the structural characteristics of the plasma of the radio frequency plasma cleaner:
When the RF atmospheric pressure glow discharge gap is reduced to about one millimeter, or even hundreds of microns in size, what new characteristics will appear in the plasma of the RF plasma cleaner? In the next step, the manufacturer of RF plasma cleaning machine manufactured by Chengfeng Zhizhi will discuss with you.
 When the current is the same, the distribution ratio of the RF plasma sheath and the plasma zone is basically the same. When the current density is 0.06A/cm2, when the discharge gap gradually increases, experiments and calculations show that the sheath begins to gradually increase, and when the plate gap increases to 500μm, the thickness of the sheath basically remains within 215μm. constant. The thickness of the plasma zone increases monotonically from 100 μm to 900 μm.
When the discharge gap of the radio frequency plasma cleaner is less than 500μm, the discharge plasma changes from the traditional glow discharge structure to the dominant structure of the sheath, and the sheath becomes the main body of the discharge space. The results also show that in the sheath-dominant discharge structure, the entire discharge space loses its electrical neutrality and exhibits electrical positivity.


It is assumed that the normal glow structure is to be maintained in the radio frequency plasma, ensuring the electrical neutrality in the discharge gap, and increasing the discharge frequency is a feasible method. The space-time distribution of the double-period electron density at different frequencies. When the frequency is 13.56MHz, there are more electrons only near the electrode, and the density is close to 3.06×10^11cm-3.
As the frequency rises to 27.12MHz, the generated electron density of 3.15×10^11cm-3 oscillates between the plates repeatedly, and with the change of voltage, from one plate to another, basically occupy the entire space. In the discharge gap, as the frequency is further increased to 54.24MHz, high-density electrons are generated, forming a stable neutral plasma region. This shows that with the increase in frequency, the discharge structure has changed, and the traditional glow structure has emerged.
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