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Chengfeng Zhizhi Plasma Processor will introduce to you what sine wave DBD pneumatic excitation includes

Chengfeng Zhizhi Plasma Processor will introduce to you what sine wave DBD pneumatic excitation includes:
According to the discharge principle and the different characteristics of plasma, the plasma aerodynamic excitation is divided into: DBD plasma aerodynamic excitation, arc plasma aerodynamic excitation, corona plasma aerodynamic excitation, etc. In this case, DBD plasma aerodynamic excitation can be divided into two categories according to the waveform of the excitation voltage: sine wave DBD and nanosecond pulse DBD. Today Chengfeng Zhizao will introduce you to plasma processor sine wave DBD plasma aerodynamics. There are two important parts of the stimulus characteristics.


The aerodynamic excitation of plasma processor DBD plasma mainly includes two aspects: surface DBD plasma characteristics and induced flow. Induced flow characteristics can be obtained by particle image velocimetry and Pitot tube test, while surface DBD plasma characteristics are difficult to detect directly. Usually Need to pass emission spectrum testing and diagnosis of key parameters. According to the introduction of Chengfeng Zhizhi plasma processor, since plasma pneumatic excitation needs to deal with different environments, environmental parameters such as air pressure often have a great impact on its performance.
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