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How does the plasma treatment equipment safely enhance the bonding force of the ink bronzing of the packaging container

How does the plasma treatment equipment safely enhance the bonding force of the ink bronzing of the packaging container:
In recent years, various industries have begun to transform and upgrade, showing a sophisticated development trend, and the packaging container industry is no exception. The entire industry has shown a green, environmentally friendly, sophisticated and intelligent development trend. I believe that everyone knows that a good packaging container, in addition to the quality of the selected materials, the text and patterns on the surface should also be exquisite and beautiful, which often requires multiple processes such as printing, transfer printing, ink, and bronzing. As a manufacturer of packaging containers, how can we effectively improve the combination of printing, printing, ink and containers in the context of the new era, both in safety and environmental protection? Plasma treatment equipment plasma treatment process can help you solve it.
Packagers generally use plastic, glass, metal and other materials. The surface energy of these materials is low. Usually, text and patterns are printed, transferred, and hot stamped before printing to improve the surface energy of the material and enhance the adhesion. . Flame treatment has been widely adopted, but under the new environmental protection and safety production standards, flame treatment has many defects, that is, flame treatment is easy to cause deformation and color change of the container, and there are certain safety hazards.

Therefore, what is the difference between the surface treatment technology of low-temperature plasma treatment equipment and flame treatment? Low-temperature plasma cleaning and plasma temperature are lower, and plasma cleaning, plasma activation and plasma roughening can be performed on the surface of the container, which can effectively increase the surface energy of the material, increase the bonding strength of ink gold and bronzing, and the processing method is safer and more environmentally friendly.
The semi-finished polypropylene vacuum bottle was subjected to atmospheric and atmospheric plasma treatment equipment verification, and the ink sample was directly printed. The adhesion of the sample failed to meet the requirements in the subsequent 100-cell test. Then choose another sample of PP plastic airless bottle, use Chengfeng Zhizhi atmospheric pressure and low temperature plasma processing equipment to process it, remove the organic matter on the surface, and activate it, thereby improving the printing adhesion ability. It can be seen from the dyne pen test that the surface energy of the polypropylene plastic vacuum bottle sample before and after plasma cleaning reached 36 and 60 dyne, respectively. After 100 grid tests, its bonding performance meets the requirements.
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