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The principle of vacuum plasma cleaning equipment cleaning materials and structural composition analysis

The principle of vacuum plasma cleaning equipment cleaning materials and structural composition analysis:
The main function of vacuum plasma cleaning equipment is to clean the surface of the sample, and perform surface activation treatment on the sample to increase the hydrophilicity of the sample; although plasma is an emerging discipline, it has been widely used in various fields of scientific research. Involved in various fields such as materials science, optics, electronics, medicine, environmental biology, etc., it is mainly used in the following experiments: 1: research materials, surface modification, hydrophilic effect, bonding and grafting experiments; 2: materials research, used in materials Surface modification to achieve hydrophobic effect, commonly known as lotus leaf effect.
The principle of vacuum plasma cleaning equipment mainly relies on the "activation" of the active particles in the plasma to achieve the purpose of removing stains on the surface of the object. Plasma cleaning/etching machine generates plasma equipment. Two electrodes are set in a sealed container to form an electric field, and a vacuum chamber is used to extract a certain degree of vacuum. As the gas becomes thinner, the distance between molecules becomes farther and farther. , The free movement distance of molecules or ions is getting larger and larger. Under the action of electric field, the collision between them forms plasma. The plasma activity is getting higher and higher. Its energy can destroy almost all chemical bonds on any exposed surface. Different gas plasmas have different properties. For example, oxygen plasma has high oxidizing properties, which can oxidize the gas generated by the photoresist reaction, so as to achieve the cleaning effect; etching gas plasma has very good Anisotropic, so it can meet the needs of etching. Vacuum plasma cleaning equipment using plasma treatment technology will produce glow, so it is called glow discharge treatment.
The vacuum plasma cleaning equipment cleans the surface of the sample and performs surface activation treatment on it. By adding special gas and processing technology, the sample can achieve hydrophilic and hydrophobic effects.

The main structure and functions of the vacuum plasma cleaning equipment are explained below:
1. The introduction of Honeywell vacuum pressure sensors from the United States provides a reliable foundation for the machine and realizes intelligent control of the machine.
2. The cabin, pipes, and valve bodies are all made of stainless steel, which is called a full anti-corrosion type.
3. This instrument can switch between manual and automatic working modes.
4. This device has realized programmed design. After the program is edited in advance, the instrument can automatically complete the experiment.
5. No consumables are needed, the use cost is low, and multiple gas paths can be controlled separately.
6. No special maintenance is required, and the instrument can be kept clean in daily use.
7. There are three automatic modes for users to choose, and manual operations can be performed at the same time.

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