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The role of online plasma cleaning equipment in removing slag from printing plates and cleaning micropores

The role of online plasma cleaning equipment in removing slag from printing plates and cleaning micropores:
Due to the small diameter of the HDI board, the traditional chemical cleaning process cannot meet the cleaning requirements for the blind hole structure. The surface tension of the liquid makes it difficult for the liquid to penetrate the hole, especially when the laser drills into the micro blind hole, its reliability is poor.
The current aperture cleaning processes used for micro-buried blind holes mainly include ultrasonic cleaning and online plasma cleaning equipment plasma cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning is mainly based on the bubble effect to achieve the cleaning purpose. It belongs to wet processing, and the cleaning time is longer and depends on the cleaning liquid. The decontamination performance increases the difficulty of processing waste liquid.

The currently widely used process is mainly the online plasma cleaning equipment process. The plasma treatment process is simple, environmentally friendly, and has obvious cleaning effects. It is very effective for blind hole structures. Plasma cleaning refers to the directional movement of highly activated plasma under the action of an electric field, and the gas solidification reaction occurs with the hole wall drilling dirt, and at the same time, part of the unreacted gas products and particles are discharged through the air pump.
In the process of blind hole cleaning of HDI plates by online plasma cleaning equipment, plasma is generally divided into three stages: high-purity N2 is used to produce plasma, and the printing plate is preheated at the same time, so that the polymer material is in a certain activated state; In the second stage, O2 and CF4 are used as the original gas, and O, F plasma is generated after mixing, which reacts with acrylic acid, PI, FR4, glass fiber, etc., to achieve the purification effect; in the third stage, O2 is used as the original gas, and O, F is used as the original gas. F is the residual reaction to keep the pore wall clean.
In addition to the plasma chemical reaction, this cleaning process also physically reacts with the surface of the material. The plasma particles can destroy the atoms or attached atoms on the surface of the material, which is beneficial to cleaning the etching reaction. With the development of materials and technology, the realization of the buried blind hole structure will become more and more miniaturized and refined; using the traditional chemical method of removing printing plate slag, it will become more and more difficult to remove the glue in the electroplated blind hole , And the use of on-line plasma cleaning equipment plasma treatment of the glue removal method, can well overcome the shortcomings of wet slag removal, to achieve a good cleaning of blind holes and small holes, so as to ensure a good effect when electroplating blind holes.

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