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The characteristics of different excitation frequencies of plasma cleaners create different magical effects

The characteristics of different excitation frequencies of plasma cleaners create different magical effects:
The absorption of energy by the plasma of the plasma cleaner is mainly through two kinds of particles, one is electrons and the other is ions (mainly positive ions). During the intermediate frequency discharge process of the plasma cleaner, the intermediate frequency power supply is directly output to the electrode plate with a higher voltage. The negative bias generated will cause unnecessary positive ion absorption power and directly cause the electrode plate temperature to rise; positive ion absorption part After the power, the absorption power of ionized electrons is correspondingly reduced, resulting in a decrease in plasma density.

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During the radio frequency discharge of the plasma cleaner (compatibility coupling mode), the self-bias voltage generated by the electrode plate is affected by the discharge pressure, which is roughly between tens of volts to hundreds of volts. The energy absorption of electrons is mainly through the electrode Obtained by the interaction of the oscillating sheath on the plate surface. Therefore, the higher the radio frequency, the more the energy obtained by the electrons is absorbed, and the bombardment energy of the ions will decrease.
Plasma cleaner RF discharge (inductive coupling) does not involve electrodes, so it uses electromagnetic induction for power coupling. The electrons obtain energy from the vortex electric field. The ion energy is very low (less than 10V) and the plasma density is high. Infinite discharge.
There are two types of microwave discharge, surface wave type and electron cyclotron resonance type, which are generally used to clean industrial microwaves. The working mode of microwaves is to directly break down the gas by radiating microwave electromagnetic fields to achieve discharge. Obviously, there is no ion acceleration phenomenon, so The electron density is relatively high, but the discharge gas pressure is generally required to be high. However, the problem caused by high-pressure discharge is that the plasma localization is serious, the deep cleaning is poor, and it is not conducive to the multi-level large-scale cleaning process. In addition, the microwave electromagnetic field will more or less generate electromagnetic radiation on the electronic components, which may cause Component breakdown damage.
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