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Why does the vacuum pump oil of vacuum plasma equipment sometimes turn black or even solidify

Why does the vacuum pump oil of vacuum plasma equipment sometimes turn black or even solidify:
In fact, old customers all know that the vacuum pump in the vacuum plasma equipment is prone to failure if it is not paid attention to. That is, the vacuum pump oil sometimes turns black and solidifies after being used for a period of time. Why does this problem occur? Today, the friends made by Chengfeng Zhizhi will give you an analysis.
There are many reasons for the blackening of the vacuum pump oil of the vacuum plasma equipment. The vacuum pump oil has not been replaced for a long time, the working environment of the equipment is bad, and the incompatible vacuum pump oil is accidentally mixed into the vacuum pump oil, which will cause the vacuum pump oil to blacken or even solidify, which affects the normal operation of the vacuum plasma equipment. Work.

How to solve it? This should be analyzed according to the specific situation to prescribe the right medicine. According to the above three reasons, the usual method is: cleaning the vacuum pump, replacing the exhaust filter, and replacing the vacuum pump oil.
Changing the vacuum pump oil for vacuum plasma equipment is actually very particular. Because the quality of the vacuum pump oil has an important impact on the service life of the vacuum pump. In vacuum plasma cleaning equipment, vacuum pump oil can not only be used as a medium to obtain vacuum, but also can lubricate, cool and seal mechanical friction points. Therefore, when changing the oil, we must choose the right oil.
In order to ensure the life of the vacuum pump of the vacuum plasma equipment, it is recommended that the vacuum pump oil be replaced regularly. The replacement period depends on the working time of the actual equipment and material handling and other conditions. Generally, the pump oil is replaced immediately after it has changed.

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