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Vacuum plasma equipment is the best choice to improve the reliability of copper lead frame bonding and packaging

Vacuum plasma equipment is the best choice to improve the reliability of copper lead frame bonding and packaging:
Copper wire frame is a commonly used material in microelectronics packaging. Vacuum plasma equipment is often used in the industry to remove oxides and organics on the surface, improve the reliability of wire bonding, and increase product yield. Then the improvement effect of vacuum plasma equipment is really Is it obvious?
Copper alloy materials, due to their good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, processing properties, and low cost of use, so in the field of microelectronic packaging, the lead frame with copper alloy materials as the main material, that is, the well-known copper lead frame, in practice In the production process, layered sealing molding often occurs, resulting in poor sealing performance and chronic air leakage of the copper lead frame after sealing molding, and it also affects the quality of chip bonding and lead connection. The main reason for this problem is the presence of copper oxide and other organic pollutants on the surface of the copper wire frame, which affects the quality and reliability of the product. Can vacuum plasma equipment effectively solve this problem? Let's take a look at the comparison below.

A copper lead frame of 238mm×70mm was selected, and the angle of water droplets before and after the equipment was compared to judge the processing effect on the copper lead frame. In order to obtain more accurate data, we selected 9 points to measure separately and obtain the average value.
A comparison of the average processing results of a single measurement point, multiple measurement points, and multiple measurement points shows that the copper wire skeleton processed by Chengfeng Zhizhi vacuum plasma equipment can effectively remove organic matter and oxide layer, and The surface is activated and roughened to ensure the reliability of wire bonding and packaging. This conclusion has also been verified in actual production, and the yield of the product has also been improved.
Chengfeng Zhizhi has focused on the research and development of plasma cleaning machines for 20 years. If you want to know more product details or have questions about the use of the equipment, please click on Chengfeng Zhizhi online customer service, waiting for your call!

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