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Plasma cleaning machine equipment manufacturers introduce to you what is semiconductor silicon wafer

Plasma cleaning machine equipment manufacturers introduce to you what is semiconductor silicon wafer:
In the semiconductor industry, silicon wafers are the foundation of the integrated circuit industry and the core material for manufacturing wafers. The current domestic silicon wafer R&D, production, and supply capabilities are limited, so 8-inch and 12-inch silicon wafers mainly rely on imports, which has always been a shortcoming in my country's integrated circuit industry chain. In recent years, under the influence of the external environment and the promotion of domestic policies and industries, some high-quality companies have emerged in China. The production capacity of domestic silicon wafers is expected to gradually land in the next few years, completing the pursuit of the domestic semiconductor wafer industry. Dream road. What is silicon? How important is it? As a manufacturer of plasma cleaning equipment manufacturers, Chengfeng Zhizhi will give you a brief introduction.
Silicon chip is the basic material for manufacturing chips. The finished product of silicon chip uses silicon as the raw material and has a sheet-like shape. Generally, high-purity crystalline silicon is used. Compared with other materials, high-purity crystalline silicon has a very stable structure and extremely low electrical conductivity. In order to change the molecular structure of silicon wafers and improve its conductivity, it is necessary to perform photolithography, etching and ion implantation on the silicon wafers. This series of processes must use plasma cleaning equipment for surface treatment, and multiple treatment processes are completed Later, the conductivity of the finished silicon wafer will decrease. Silicon wafers are currently mainly used in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries, and their types, purity, and surface properties will vary depending on the application area.

Due to the high specification requirements of semiconductor silicon materials, the production process is relatively complicated. The four main steps include: polysilicon purification, polysilicon material ingot casting, monocrystalline silicon growth, and wafer cutting. As the raw material for wafer manufacturing, the quality of silicon wafers directly determines the stability of the wafer manufacturing process.

Approximately more than 90% of semiconductor chips are made of silicon wafers as the basic material. The semiconductor wafers produced can be divided into five types: polished wafers, annealing wafers, epitaxial wafers, section spacers and silicon wafers on insulators. Among them, several polishing wafers are widely used and used in large quantities. Other semiconductor silicon wafer products are also made by secondary processing on the basis of polishing wafers.
In order to improve production efficiency and reduce costs, large-size silicon wafers will become the future development trend, and the increase in the size of silicon wafers will increase the number of chips on a single silicon wafer; at the same time, rectangular silicon wafers will be made on round silicon wafers. Chips will inevitably make certain areas on the edge of the silicon chip unusable. When the size of the wafer increases, the loss ratio will decrease; in this way, the production cost of a single silicon chip will be reduced.
The above is an introduction to some silicon wafers and the development trend of silicon wafer size in the future. I believe that domestic plasma cleaning machines will also make a lot of progress in the front-end production and back-end packaging of domestic silicon wafers. If you want to know more about plasma cleaning If you have any questions about the details of the machine and equipment or in the use of the equipment, please click on the online customer service of Chengfeng Zhizhi, and we are waiting for your call!
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