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Analysis of the gas used in plasma plasma cleaning machine and its application

Analysis of the gas used in plasma plasma cleaning machine and its application:
Plasma plasma cleaning machine Plasma is usually used to treat plastic or metal surfaces, and then adhere to handles or other equipment. As for printing, it can be printed on treated plastic, Teflon or metal, and the ink can adhere to the material and not easily fall off.
By setting the frequency and pressurizing the surface treatment, plasma can only change the surface of the material. This effect is only observed in some areas where the molecular layer is deeper, and the overall properties of the material remain unchanged. When printing untreated plastic or PTFE, there is too much ink to adhere to the surface, resulting in poor quality. There will be confusion both when printing and when handling the product later.

Application environment of plasma cleaning machine Plasma cleaning machine:
It is very important to use the correct gas in the plasma equipment to obtain the required adhesion or printability. Chengfeng Zhizhi has rich experience in plasma activation projects and can provide high-quality services to customers with different materials. Hydrogen is used in polytetrafluoroethylene products, and nitrogen is usually mixed together to form a special mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen. Plastic products often use oxygen. When processing metals, we usually add argon to prevent oxidation. In the plasma surface modification of plasma plasma cleaners, oxygen and argon are often used. Both of these gases are cheap to buy, and they can also generate ambient air during use. Argon or hydrogen can be purchased from local suppliers.
Our plasma cleaning system can handle most gases or any mixture of gases. The plasma system can be customized according to user needs, and 5 kinds of gas inputs can be provided.
What gas does the plasma cleaning machine use:
The atmospheric plasma cleaner refers to the treatment of plasma after oxygen is introduced into the plasma chamber. Oxygen is usually used to clean the surface until it is bonded. It can also be combined with other gases to etch various materials, such as plastic and rubber. Due to the low cost and wide availability of gas, it is more commonly used in plasma cleaning technology. Atmospheric plasma plasma cleaning machine is produced by using plasma in the plasma system to activate air plasma. All systems created by plasma etching will work with oxygen. Oxygen is often used to clean non-metallic materials such as glass, plastics and polytetrafluoroethylene. Like other forms of plasma, oxygen can clean organic matter and modify its surface. The plasma will clean the surface of the plastic sample and increase its wettability. If oxygen plasma is mixed with argon, it can also be used to clean metal surfaces. Argon detaches oxygen molecules in the metal to prevent oxidation.

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